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Policy Consultation Policy Initiatives

.ASIA IDN Sunrise Policies FINAL DRAFT

View Article:–2010-07-12.pdf

Special Advisory on DotAsia Organisation’s Nature as a Not-for-Profit Community Corporation [Eng/Chi]

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Special Advisory on Auction Tampering

View Article:–2008-03-24.pdf

Special Advisory on Policies Regarding Conflict of Interest, Abandoned Auctions & Disqualifications Due to Non-Payment

View Article:–2008-07-04.pdf

.ASIA CJK (Chinese Japanese Korean) IDN Policies COMPLETE

View Article:–2011-05-04.pdf [Version with Tables (15MB)] [AnnexA (10MB) | AnnexB (4MB) | AnnexC ]

DotAsia Board Elections Procedures 2008

View Article:–2008-03-31.pdf

Auction Scheduling Information

View Article:–2008-03-24.pdf

.ASIA Sunrise Challenge Policy

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.ASIA Sunrise Challenge Rules

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Pioneer Domains Program Addendum

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Special Advisory on Sunrise 3

View article:–2007-11-18.pdf

Sunrise Addendum and Clarifications

View Article:–COMPLETE-2007-10-25.pdf

General Registry Policies (FINAL DRAFT)

View Article:–FINALDRAFT-v-1-0.pdf

Charter Eligibility Requirement Policy

View Article:–COMPLETE-2007-08-15.pdf

Sunrise Policies

View Article:–COMPLETE-2007-08-10.pdf

Policy Development Processes & Consultation

DotAsia and .Asia Registry Policies are generally developed with an open consultation process. Draft policies are developed, posted publicly and circulated to seek feedback and comments from members, Advisory Council and the public at large.

As part of the Sponsored gTLD agreement with ICANN, DotAsia is responsible for policy development in a number of areas (Appendix S, Part 2. Delegated Authority –, including for example:

  • Establishment of domain naming conventions
  • Reservation of names to be withheld from reservation in the TLD (in addition to those names reserved by ICANN and set forth in a schedule by ICANN)
  • Reservation of names to be offered for registration other than on a first-come, first-served basis and creation of the policies and procedures under which such names may be registered
  • Policies regarding eligibility to register a domain name in the TLD and restrictions and policies on how registered names may be used, which need not be uniform for all names within the TLD
  • Procedures and schedule for the start-up or any subsequent sunrise policies and procedures
  • Organizational governance policies and operations management will be formulated and maintained by the DotAsia Organisation
  • Any other policies or practices not inconsistent with the Agreement, ICANN Temporary Specifications and Policies, or Consensus Policy

Current and Recent Policy Consultations:

Title Date Posted Comment Period Closing Comments
.ASIA Charter Eligibility Requirement Policies 2-February-2017 28-February-2017 View

Comments can be submitted to our Contact Form. (Please select "Registry Policies" as the topic)

Policy Initiatives

In pursuit of policies for new registry technologies and features as the DNS and the domain industry develops, special policy initiatives are launched by DotAsia. For example to better organize and promote the IDN Language Policies, DNSSEC implementation, etc.

    DotAsia has always put security and stability of the Internet as a top priority for our community. The implementation of DNSSEC furthers our commitment to foster a safe and secure environment for ecommerce to prosper in Asia. DNSSEC.Asia — — is both an information portal and a series of events to support the adoption […]
  • APrIGF.Asia: Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum APrIGF.Asia: Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum
    Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum (APrIGF) — — has been held annually since initiated in 2010 in Hong Kong. DotAsia has played an important role in bringing together the different stakeholders in the region to spearhead this regional event, and continues to provide secretariat support to coordinate the efforts. The APrIGF serves as […]
  • IDN.Asia: Think IDN. Think .Asia! IDN.Asia: Think IDN. Think .Asia!
    In support of the Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) .Asia launch, an informational website — — was setup to aggregate relevant knowledge and news about IDN technologies and policies. The ability for Asians to navigate the Internet in their own native language will bring the Internet to the rest of the people in Asia who […]
  • IPv6World.Asia: Supporting the Asian Internet’s Move to IPv6 IPv6World.Asia: Supporting the Asian Internet’s Move to IPv6
    IPv6 World — — IPv6 World is a conference series to promote the migration of the Internet from the IPv4 based protocol to IPv6. IP (Internet Protocol) is the underlying protocol for the facilitation of Internet communications. IPv4 addresses is approaching exhaustion, and when it is completely exhausted, Internet communications will be significantly hampered, […]
Organizational Governance
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Community Projects
  • Asian Films Awards: The Oscars of Asia Asian Films Awards: The Oscars of Asia
    Inaugurated in 2007, the Asian Film Awards (AFA) celebrates excellence in Asian cinema through the annual presentation of awards to the many diverse talents and films that make up the dynamic film industries of the region. Awards night is a spectacular gathering of celebrities, industry professionals and the media that highlights and publicizes the year’s […]
  • iCity.Asia: ICT Powered Future for the Network Generation iCity.Asia: ICT Powered Future for the Network Generation
    The “iCity” initiative is supported by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) of the HKSAR and organized by Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong, with DotAsia Organisation as a Cooperating Partner. iCity is a series of events with a core mission to encourage secondary school students in Hong Kong to consider taking more […]
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