DotAsia announced today the release of, never before registered, 1&2 character and 3&4 numeric .Asia domains.  Premium domains such as,, and, will be available for registration based on a multi-phase release plan starting from July 30th, 2013, while 3&4 numeric domains such as,, and will be up for grabs through auctions starting August 2013.

We have selected as our partner to help the registry facilitate and manage the release process and auctions.  In tandem with this announcement, we have also put out a press release regarding the release process, as well as announcement of this new partnership.  Read about it here.

Of the collection of 1&2 character .Asia domains, 133 domains are currently “parked” by the registry and forwarded to our partner, Rightofthedot’s parking pages to solicit interest and leads. 73 domains representing Asia Pacific ccTLDs are reserved and require corresponding government consent for activation, and 8 domains are reserved for registry use.  Please see here for a complete list of parked, reserved and other 1&2 character domains.

How to Apply for Your Premium 1&2 Character .Asia domains

Thank you for your interest in 1&2 character .Asia domains.  Here are couple ways to stay updated and make sure you’re in the game to win the domain you want.

  1. Try typing the 1&2 character domain you want in the browser bar, for example ‘’, enter your information on the page and our partner will contact you with more information, or you may email them directly at info[at]
  2. Contact your registrar and let them know you would like to apply for a 1&2 character .Asia domain during Pioneer, Sunrise or Landrush phase of the release.  For a list of .Asia accredited registrar please see

The 1&2 character premium .Asia domains will be released through four segments: the Pioneer Domains Program, Sunrise, Landrush and Public Auctions Phases. If you’re interested you can find our 1&2 character Policies and Release Process HERE.

Important Dates!

Pioneer Domains Program  – Learn more about the Program here.
Opening: Tuesday, July 30, 2013
Closing: Thursday, October 17, 2013
Sunrise (approx 1 week)
Opening: Tuesday, Oct 22, 2013
Closing: Wednesday, Oct 30, 2013
Landrush (approx 1 week)
Opening: Tuesday, Nov 5, 2013
Closing: Wednesday, Nov 13, 2013
Public Auctions Phase
Opening: Tuesday, Dec 3, 2013
* More information available on the Public Auctions at a later date

3&4 Numeric .Asia domains

3&4 character numeric .Asia domains are available via public auctions. Try typing the 3&4 numeric domain you want in the browser bar, for example “”, enter your information on the page and our partner Rightofthedot will contact you.  If the domain you are looking for is not to be found online yet, please email us at info[at] or RightOfTheDot at info[at]