.Asia Accredited Registrars Login

The following sections provide direct access to tools and resources available to .Asia accredited registrars. You may login with your credentials at the EPP Web Admin, the Afilias Customer Portal and the .ASIA Registrar Relations Area. If you do not have access or would like to obtain credentials, please contact us.

EPP Web Admin Tool Login

The EPP Web Admin Tool (WAT) is a web-based tool for .Asia Accredited Registrars to obtain monthly registry activity reports as well as to view, manage, create or perform other update operations manually for domain registrations under its sponsorship.


Afilias Customer Portal

The Afilias Customer Portal is your one-stop shop for all items related to the Afilias TLDs, Including Announcements, Support, Contracts, Reports, Policies, Finance and Marketing Material.


Connecting Asia with One Domain