Training is the focus of the ready phase

Training is the focus of the ready phase

An exciting progress is first round of training sessions on Internet Governance are completed which means ambassadors are one step close to be deployed to engage young people around Asia to know more Internet Governance advocacy. In past two months, they experienced a flipped classroom

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自2014年5月13日起,新网在北京,深圳,上海等十五个城市展开了为期一个月的“赢•聚变”合作伙伴大会。DotAsia作为赞助商出席了此次活动。 CEO Edmon Chung, 锺宏安先生也在武汉场,就新顶级域名发展前瞻和 .Asia域名如何帮助您更好的在亚洲开拓市场为话题进行了演说。此次会议规模是近五年内业界最大的,也吸引了世界各地的域名注册局, 同时也有上千家新网合作伙伴到场参与。

KeepClicking.Asia Newsletter April 2014 Issue Released

Masterful haul by The Grandmaster - Successful re-launch of the Asian Film Awards dazzles in Macau: The 8th Asian Film Awards (AFA) was held this year at the glittering City of Dreams in Macau. The re-launched film festival is jointly organized by the AFA academy and its constituent partners – Busan Film Festival, Tokyo Film Festival and Hong Kong Film Festival. A total of 14 awards and the Lifetime Achievement Award, the night’s most prestigious award, were presented [...]

KeepClicking.Asia Newsletter March 2014 Quarterly Issue Released

Asian Film Tops Global Box Office Records in its Opening Weekend - The Monkey King, The Legend Begins Again with Donnie Yen: An epic Journey to the West - a perilous pilgrimage to bring precious Buddhist sutras from India back to China. The latest incarnation of the myth, The Monkey King stars international martial arts icon Donnie Yen (Ip Man) as the titular character with international film luminaries, Chow Yun-fat (Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon), and Aaron Kwok (The Storm Riders)[...]