From May 2nd to 9th 2014, approximately 150 three and four numeric character .Asia domain names are being offered to the public for the first time on  Mark your calendars and don’t miss the opportunities to build your website on names like “”, “” and “”.

Short Numeric domains are universally understood, easy to remember and very popular within the region. Looking at the “Top 100 sales of 2014” as recognized by, ‘’ was recently sold for US$950,000, while ‘’ was sold for US$57,000.  In 2013, another three-character numeric domain, ‘’, exchanged hands for a whopping 2.1 million dollars.

Not only are they short, meaningful names that can altogether transcend language barriers, they also contain a keyword and geographical identifier – Asia. Large corporations are already using their .ASIA domains with sites such as and

Don’t wait, visit to see what 3&4 numeric .Asia domains available now!