Asia Open Source Software Centers (AOSSC) — — is a collaborative initiative promoting open source technology adoption in Asia.  The mission of the AOSSC is to cooperate and contribute to the growth of OSS (Open Source Software) and to facilitate information and knowledge exchange among participating OSS centers in Asia.

Asia Open Source Software Symposium, which has changed its name to Asia Open Source Software Conference and Showcase (AOSSC), have been held since March 2003, and Asia Open Source Software Conference and Showcase 2008 commemorated 10th event with the title of ” Asia OSS.”

As a result of joint-initiatives among CICC (Center of the International Cooperation for Computerization) and Asian economies, we have witnessed in the past years that each economy has promoted own self-sustaining development. This has been possible by the establishment of key networks of people, combined with implementation of policies for Open Source Software (OSS) use by each of the Asian governments, cooperation among companies though use of OSS, as well as launch of many domestic and international events on OSS.