HONG KONG, July 17, 2017 – DotAsia Organisation, registry operator of the .Asia top-level-domain, announces new simplified registration process for .Asia domain names. Businesses and individuals acquiring .Asia names are no longer required to provide proof of locality during registration.

On July 15th, 2017, the .Asia Eligibility Requirements policy was officially updated to allow for easier registrations, especially for entities without a pre-existing regional address or proof of local I.D.   This means anyone can now register a .Asia domain, even if they do not have a physical address within the region.  Through this update, .Asia hopes to:

  1. Open up registrations globally for those looking to connect with Asia
  2. Open up registrations to Asian communities or businesses located outside of the region
  3. Simplify registration process for everyone 

“From.Asia / For.Asia has been our philosophy from the start.  We have always believed that the .Asia domain is valuable equally for those coming From Asia as well as those looking For Asia,” said Edmon Chung, CEO of DotAsia Organisation.  “The new streamlined registration process completes our mandate to serve the global community seeking to connect with Asia, and matches our new calling championing the world to #RiseWithAsia.  Whether you are an Asian restaurant in Europe or an Asian American association in the US, you can now easily register a .Asia name that speaks to your brand and scope.”

In 2016 over 80% of .Asia registrations came from the Asia Pacific region led by China, India, Japan and South East Asia. The latest .Asia policy update and streamlined registration process is a renewed commitment from the registry to its mandate from the start – to support online representation of all things Asia.

To learn more about .Asia domains and the new simplified registration process please visit www.dot.asia

About DotAsia Organisation:

The DotAsia Organisation is the Sponsoring Organisation and Registry Operator for the .Asia Top-Level-Domain. .Asia is the official web address for the region and is open to all businesses, individuals and organizations around the globe looking to connect with Asia.  .Asia domains have been registered in more than 150 countries to date.  The DotAsia Organisation is a not-for-profit, community-based organization headquartered in Hong Kong.  Proceeds from every .Asia domain registered supports Internet development and charitable works in the region.  DotAsia is committed to a vision of fostering a collaborative Asia.