Proposal Open for Public Comment

Invitation to Comment:

Changes to .Asia Charter Eligibility Requirement Policies to Accept Registrations Globally from Entities seeking to serve the Asia Pacific community

Deadline for Comments: February 28, 2017

DotAsia Organisation, registry operator for the .ASIA TLD, invites public comments on the completion and opening up of .Asia Charter Eligibility Requirement Policies for the ‘.ASIA’ sponsored Top-Level-Domain. 

The .ASIA TLD, launched in 2007, is the official designated regional domain extension for Asia and the Pacific region.  Since inception, it has always been the aim of the registry to serve Asian communities worldwide.

In 2016, over 80% of .ASIA domain registrations (based on registrant contact) came from within the region, led by China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore and Malaysia.

Through the current proposed changes to the .Asia Charter Eligibility Requirement Policies, the registry hopes to

  1. open up registrations to global communities doing business with the region
  2. open up registrations to Asian communities living outside of the region
  3. make .ASIA TLD implementations easier for registrar channel partners located outside of Asia, and
  4. simplify the registration process for new registrants world wide. 


In alignment with the Registry Agreement with ICANN, the .ASIA TLD will serve “Entities that have established, seeking or have nexus relationship and presence within the Sponsor Community”, the new changes will allow entities (persons or companies) that are seeking a presence (but do not yet have one) in Asia to also be able to register a .ASIA domain name.  More specifically, the registry intends to allow registrants who a) do not have a postal address in Asia; or b) is not a legal entity or a natural person within the DotAsia Community to register a .ASIA domain.

Registrants nevertheless must continue to agree to be subject to the Charter Eligibility Dispute Resolution Policy (CEDRP), in accordance with the charter as described in Appendix S, Part 1. Sponsored TLD Charter of the .ASIA Registry Agreement with ICANN ( No changes to the ICANN Agreement is sought.

For draft updated .Asia Charter Eligibility Requirement Policies please visit

DotAsia Organisation welcomes your feedback and comments via email at or via our Contact Form online.  All comments submitted by the public in response to this proposal will be available for public viewing and copying in their entirety.

For further information regarding this announcement, please contact Jennifer Chung at Jen[at] or Leona Chen-Birkner at Leona[at]