DSF City Dash — www.citydash.asia — is a signature fundraising event of the DIGITAL SOLIDARITY FUND (DSF: http://hk.dsf.asia), which was established by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS) in 2004 to empower disadvantaged groups to use information and communication technologies (ICT) as tools to exercise their full capacities as citizens in the information society and tackle the continuing problems of social inequalities, that is to bridge ICT power and promote digital inclusion.

City Dash is a city adventure race, which takes a lot of brain, a bit of brawn and a ton of fun. Team of two will have to uncover clues for unknown locations/checkpoints around the city and to complete a series of fun, physical, intelligence and team-building challenges within 3-6 hours. More than a scavenger hunt, not quite a road race, this unique hybrid combines trivia, from pop culture to hk social issues.  Citydash aims to be the best team building activity, which challenges players of all levels, abilities and ages and an experiential learning program, which enable players to learn about the cultural and social intelligence of HK society, while raising funds for the goal of supporting digital inclusion projects.