In response to community suggestions for protection of active .Asia domain names used for community purposes that aligns with the DotAsia vision and mission ( and the global Asia Pacific Internet community we serve, DotAsia is looking to put in place a Community Reserved Names Policy.

In short, the .Asia Community Reserved Names Policy is intended to provide an extra level of protection against inadvertent lapses of domain name registrations for active .Asia domain names supporting community purposes.  The policy will introduce a process for .Asia registrants to place such domain names onto the Community Reserved Names List, such that in case the registrant forgot to (or due to whatever reason failed to) renew the domain registration, the domain name will not immediately drop back into the available pool and open to being registered by anyone.  Instead it will be caught as a Reserved Name and not be available for general registration.  The registrant may, according to the policy, work with DotAsia to reactivate the domain.

We are publishing this DRAFT Community Reserved Names Policy ( for your feedback, comments and suggestions.  This public comment period will commence from the posting of this announcement on March 8, 2022, and will be open until April 8, 2022.  Please send your responses and thoughts via email to comments[at]