DotAsia AGM 2019, Daejeon

Welcome to the DotAsia AGM 2019 Hub

DotAsia Organisation would like to welcome you to join in on our 2019 Annual General Meetings located this year in Daejeon, South Korea.

AGM 2019 is in conjunction with APRICOT so you can conveniently schedule it into your trip. Here is the travel and accomodation information.

A simple registration form for the meeting is provided below. We look forward to seeing you in Daejeon!

DotAsia AGM 2019 Remote Participation

Replay the meeting via Adobe Connect.

Note: Mobile viewers can download the Adobe Connect App to access the meeting.



  • DotAsia AGM 2019: Presented by Edmon Chung
  • DotAsia AGM Financial Report: Presented by Rebecca Chan (@1hr:8m of above recording)
  • Afilias DotAsia AGM Technical Updates: Presented by Joseph Yee (@0hr:39m of above recording)

Daejeon Convention Center
Daejeon Convention Center, Daejeon, South Korea

Room: 107-108

When: Sunday February 24, 2019   @ 15:00-17:00 (GMT+9)

AGM 2019 will review what happened in the DotAsia community in 2018, and reveal plans for 2019. Participants will have the chance to interact with the DotAsia Board and Staff.

DotAsia Annual General Meeting Agenda

  1. Welcome Remarks
  2. DotAsia Operations in 2018
  3. Community Works Highlight 2018
  4. .Asia Registry Technical Updates
  5. Financials (Fiscal Year 2017-2018)
  6. Strategic & Operation Plans 2019
  7. Member Resolutions (Ratification of Board Elections)
  8. Open Discussion & Closing Remarks
  9. Joint Dinner with AP*

Daejeon Convention Centre photo credit: Korea Wikipedia, Flickr [CC: By-NC]