DotAsia Organisation is honored to announce its full support of and partnership with the Internet Society Singapore Chapter (ISOC SG) to serve as the secretariat for the IANA Stewardship Transition Coordination Group (ICG).  Key personnel from DotAsia are seconded to ISOC SG to form the core Secretariat Team for the ICG.

The ICG comprises 30 individuals selected by 13 communities of both direct and indirect stakeholders who together will deliver a proposal to the US government  (NTIA) recommending a transition plan of NTIA’s stewardship of IANA functions to the Internet community, consistent with the key principles outlined in the NTIA March 14 announcement.  For more information regarding the ICG and its work, please visit the official ICG web site.

In addition to secondment of personnel, DotAsia is contributing additional resources to support the historical mission of the ICG, including the development and maintenance of ICG’s independent official website and other communications infrastructure.  DotAsia believes that a successful IANA Stewardship Transition will be monumental to the global Internet and is fully committed to serve the ICG Secretariat with dedication.

Furthermore, in consideration of the importance of our neutrality in serving the ICG Secretariat, and to avoid unnecessary perceived conflict of interest, DotAsia makes the commitment to withdraw from participation in community discussions and decisions matters directly impacting the ICG work.  Nevertheless, our team continues to support and contribute to the general Internet governance development, including the development of IDN related policies, universal acceptance, and internationalization efforts.