Ajitora Invites Internet Community to Join in the Tx2 Goals by Sharing an UPROAR!

Thumbs Up for Tigers! Thumbs Up for Asia!

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April 13, 2016, New Delhi — Ajitora, DotAsia’s cyberspace tiger and appointed Tx2 Ambassodor, is proud to announce a global collaboration with domain registration and ecommerce storefronts to spread the Tx2 vision to #doubletigers in the wild by 2022.  Building on the exciting news from WWF that wild tiger population recorded a rise for the first time in history since 1900, in the coming months, Ajitora will be working with over 20 registrar partners around the globe. This means that everyday Ajitora’s message could reach millions of users who are looking up, renewing, or searching for new domain names online.

Speaking at the 3rd Asia Ministerial Conference on Tiger Conservation in New Delhi, which was opened by Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India, Ajitora says, "RRRAO!!~~ It is exciting to know that my cousins are on track for a wild comeback! But as my fellow Tiger Ambassador Leonardo DiCaprio mentioned in another report, there is still so much to be done. Statistics from TRAFFIC show at least 1,590 tigers seized by officials between 2000 and 2014, feeding a multi-billion dollar illegal wildlife trade. Much of which are moving online. I feel blessed to be part of the official agenda at this important ministerial meeting, and I am thrilled that the Internet community is joining hands to help in this cause."

Representing DotAsia, Ajitora has gained the support from the global network of ".Asia" domain registrars, including in India (BigRock and ResellerClub), Vietnam (PA Vietnam), Indonesia (Rumahweb), just to name a few in Asia, to raise awareness for tigers in the wild and promote sustainable development in Asia alongside promotion of the ".Asia" domain.

About DotAsia, Ajitora and Tx2

DotAsia (https://www.dot.asia) is a not-for-profit organization (DotAsia Foundation: IRD 91/12820) with a mandate to promote Internet development and adoption in Asia.  DotAsia operates the “.Asia” top-level domain (TLD) as a core global Internet infrastructure.  Ajitora is a Tx2 Ambassador.  Tx2 is a vision by tiger range countries (China, India, Thailand, etc.) to #doubletigers in the wild by 2022. Tx2 is supported by WWF, Global Tiger Forum (GTF), TRAFFIC, etc.  The Ajitora movement is about a vision that as the Asian Tiger economies roar forward in the Asia Century ahead, our wildlife, technology and policy environments should be Roaring Forward Together!


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