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Community Projects and Development

Go.Asia: Every Act Counts!

Go.Asia — — is a charitable initiative launched by DotAsia and spearheaded by Hong Kong Martial Arts Superstar Donnie Yen and his wife, Ms. Cissy Wang. The vision of Go.Asia is that “Every Act Counts”, with an aim to improve society through collective and individual efforts. Go.Asia comprises shared information and materials related to the development of volunteer service, charitable organization and projects across Asia, as well as relief and rebuild efforts through Relief.Asia ( Beyond Asia, Go.Asia, also works closely with other international charitable initiatives to bring them to Asia, for example, Jaime Oliver’s Food Revolution Day initiative ( and the Mandela Day initiative (, as well as to expand local initiatives across Asia, e.g. GIVE Singapore initiative (

Project Updates

Go.Asia 22-06-2016, 10:26

Think.Cook.Save. Health & Food Education started recruiting schools to participate our new program in the new school year of 2016-2017– Details

Go.Asia 04-06-2016, 10:22

Go.Asia team & Ajitora at the {MAMASMART} – Details

Go.Asia 02-06-2016, 10:20

Go.Asia partnering with Jamie’s Italian Hong Kong hosting the first Mini Carnival for kids to learn about food knowledge – Details

Go.Asia 30-05-2016, 10:14

Go.Asia is happy to partnering with Celebrity Chef Anita Lo from the US who made a visit in Asia Society Hong Kong Centre teaching 100 participants from local community centres an easy and delicious family dish. – Details

Go.Asia 22-05-2016, 00:00

Actor-Singer Mr. Ronald Cheng and his spouse Ms. Sammie Yu joined Go.Asia with 150 students for a special Food Revolution Day activity in Hong Kong – Details

Go.Asia 04-05-2016, 22:06

Go.Asia brought Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution to Asia for 5 consecutive years – Details

Go.Asia 18-12-2015, 11:03

Go.Asia join force with XCHANGE : Social Gastronomy – Details

Go.Asia 27-11-2015, 10:59

Go.Asia partnering with the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals – Details

Go.Asia 01-11-2015, 10:56

Go.Asia being the Online Media Partner for Heifer International (Hong Kong) – Details

Go.Asia 27-10-2015, 10:51

Go.Asia supports ‘We The People’ for The Global Goals – Details

Go.Asia 23-09-2015, 10:17

Celebrating a 5-a-day Mid-Autumn Festival – Details

Go.Asia 11-09-2015, 10:28

Think.Cook.Save. Health & Food Education 2015-2016 program kick-off for the new school year – Details

Go.Asia 10-08-2015, 10:36

Go.Asia was interviewed by Radio Television Hong Kong for the school education program in Hong Kong – Details

Go.Asia 01-08-2015, 10:27

Think.Cook.Save. Health & Food Education started receiving application – Details

Go.Asia 05-07-2015, 10:23

Go.Asia released the 2015 Food Revolution Day report, with 12,000 visitors & over 57 media exposure – Details

Go.Asia 01-06-2015, 10:31

Think.Cook.Save. Health & Food Education reached 10,000 students in 2014-2015 school year – Details

Go.Asia 28-05-2015, 10:19

A message from Jamie Oliver to the people of Hong Kong – Details

Go.Asia 20-05-2015, 10:13

SciChef Cooking Challenge brought to a successful close – Details

Go.Asia 13-05-2015, 10:46

Hong Kong Actor & Singer Ronald Cheng joined hand with Go.Asia to support Jamie Oliver’s Food Education appeal – Details

Go.Asia 06-05-2015, 00:38

Go.Asia announcned the Food Revolution Day 2015 promotional activities in Hong Kong – Details

Go.Asia 14-04-2015, 22:36

Go.Asia joined hands with Jamie Oliver to launch the Food Revolution Campaign in Hong Kong – Details

Go.Asia 10-02-2015, 22:34

Co-organised by Go.Asia and the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the Rooftop Cultivation Harvest Feast was held on Feb 6, 2015 – Details

Go.Asia 30-01-2015, 22:32

The Semi Final of The Scichef Cooking Challenge co-organised by Faulty of Science, The University of HK, Education Bureau and Go.Asia was held successfully on Jan 17,2015(Sun) – Details

Go.Asia 05-11-2014, 13:52

Go.Asia co-organized “Eat Smart Little Chef” with Jamie’s Italian Hong Kong – Details

Go.Asia 01-11-2014, 14:50

Go.Asia will be co-organizing “The 1st SciChef Cooking Challenge” with The University of Hong Kong and the Education Bureau in 2015 – Details

Go.Asia 20-10-2014, 11:55

Another Social Collaboration! On 2nd October, DotAsia has signed a partnership agreement with Hong Kong Council of Social Services and Give.Sg, for the official launch of, a brand new crowd funding platform in Hong Kong. Stay tuned on the new project!


Go.Asia 25-09-2014, 15:29

Go.Asia launched new recruitment promotion for Think.Cook.Save. Health and Food Education Program Details

Go.Asia 12-09-2014, 16:35

Go.Asia is pleased to join force with PolyU School of Design to organize the “Festival Vernissage: Social Gastronomy”, a preview event for the annual 10 day fest. Details

Go.Asia 12-09-2014, 16:14

Go.Asia’s Think.Cook.Save. Health & Food Education Program supports Pavas Education Foundation’s Love your parents cooking competition Details

Go.Asia 12-09-2014, 11:17

Go.Asia proudly supported the 3rd Annual Asian Food Bank Forum hosted by Second Harvest Asia in this November. The theme for the day will be focused on how food banks can increase food security by using existing resources in the community. Details

Go.Asia 19-06-2014, 10:52

Go.Asia’s founder Mr. Donnie Yen and Ms. Cissy Wang at THE ONE Award Gala Dinner 2014. Details

Go.Asia 10-06-2014, 14:57

Go.Asia’s founder Mr. Donnie Yen and Ms. Cissy Wang were appointed as honorary ambassadors for international charity Free The Children.

Go.Asia 10-06-2014, 14:56

Asia First Bilingual Food Education Book: “Educating Kids to Think.Cook.Save. Our Food” released on 9 June 2014. – Details

Go.Asia 10-06-2014, 14:55

Go.Asia’s founder Mr. Donnie Yen & Ms. Cissy Wang lend their creative talents to paint a brighter future with Elephant Prarade® – Details

Go.Asia 10-06-2014, 14:52

Think. Cook. Save Health and Food Education Campaign – Cooking Fun Day on 28 May 2014.

Go.Asia 28-05-2014, 17:06

Go.Asia joins Jamie Oliver’s Global Campaign for Third Food Revolution Day
About Food Revolution Day

Go.Asia 28-05-2014, 16:41

Go.Asia Presents reFOODlution, Bringing One Third – European Photographic Exhibition First Time in Hong Kong!
About reFOODlution

Go.Asia 28-05-2014, 16:32

Go.Asia x Fair Trade Hong Kong Foundation : Fair Trade mini-market@K11 Art Mall in March 2014.

Go.Asia 28-05-2014, 16:21

Go.Asia x the Hong Kong Baptist University “Think.Cook.Save. Student Master Chef Cooking Competition” Results Announced.

Go.Asia 20-01-2014, 18:02

Go.Asia will be co-organizing a Student Master Chef Cooking Competition with the Hong Kong Baptist University to promote the Think.Cook.Save. health & food education in March 2014 – Details

Go.Asia 13-01-2014, 18:04

Think.Cook.Save. health & food education program organized by Go.Asia has partnered with Skypost and launched a Food Education Column to promote healthy lifestyle. Details

Go.Asia 12-01-2014, 17:59

Go.Asia proudly supported the Hong Kong Value Farm to participate in the Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/ Architecture (UABB) and joining the LOHAS sharing session at 12 January 2014 – Details

Go.Asia 13-11-2013, 16:25

Go.Asia first ever health & food education program – Think.Cook.Save is launched – Details

Go.Asia 13-11-2013, 16:23

Go.Asia Founders support the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign – Details

Go.Asia 13-11-2013, 16:22

Go.Asia is going to launch a health & food education program in Hong Kong – Details

Go.Asia 13-11-2013, 16:21

Go.Asia Founder Mr. Donnie Yen signs on as Rotary celebrity ambassador for polio eradication – Details

Go.Asia 13-11-2013, 16:20

Go.Asia x JCI (Shatin) Love of the Earth 2013. Join Hands to promote anit-foodwaste – Details

Go.Asia 13-11-2013, 16:15

Go.Asia x United Nations World Environment Day Program – Think.Eat.Save Cooking Class – Details

Go.Asia 26-06-2013, 17:11

Go.Asia mini-exhibition at Millennium City 5 Details

Go.Asia 07-06-2013, 04:13

Go.Asia lined up Asian celebrities to join force with UNEP to promote anti-food waste message on World Environment Day – Details

Go.Asia 17-05-2013, 04:11

The 2nd Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day – Go.Asia launched a two-month “Food Concern” campaign – Details

Go.Asia 13-05-2013, 21:18

Founder of Go.Asia supported “Walk for Water 2013” – Details

Go.Asia 06-05-2013, 04:12

Go.Asia launched No Leftovers Pledge in Hong Kong & have received 500 photo in two weeks – Details here and here.

Go.Asia 05-01-2013, 04:10

Go.Asia launched new section, “Urban Farming” – Details

Go.Asia 20-11-2012, 21:17

Go.Asia supported “Travel for Good – Social Travel Journal Competition” – Details

Go.Asia 11-11-2012, 21:16

Founders of Go.Asia represented Hong Kong for “Bvlgari x Save the Children” world-wide fundraising campaign – Details

Go.Asia 06-11-2012, 04:10

Go.Asia launched new section, “Food Crisis & Rescue” – Details

Go.Asia 25-10-2012, 21:15

Founder of Go.Asia presented award at the Eco-Art Competition Awards Ceremony – Details

Go.Asia 11-10-2012, 04:09

Founder of Go.Asia and Hollywood Celebrities helped fundraise for UNICEF and the Yao Ming Foundation – Details

Go.Asia 29-07-2012, 21:14

Founder of Go.Asia supported the disabled athletes Details

Go.Asia 27-07-2012, 04:08

Go.Asia kick-off ceremony – Details

Go.Asia 18-07-2012, 04:06
Go.Asia 28-06-2012, 04:08

Go.Asia first charity visit – Details

Go.Asia 19-05-2012, 04:05

The 1st Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day kick-off in Hong Kong – Details

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