IoN Magazine

The first ever magazine for the booming DNS industry will be launched later this month.

IoN magazine – standing for "Internet of names" – reflects the massive change and expansion that will see hundreds of new registries and registrars this year alone, as well as the introduction of millions of new domains.

Put together by a collaboration of DNS companies, led by DotAsia Organisation and edited by industry veteran Kieren McCarthy, IoN magazine will be provided free to attendees at ICANN’s triannual conferences. 

The magazine will blend news with opinion, humor and analysis. It contains interviews with key industry figures, industry spotlights and features, as well as a guide for the broader ICANN conference, including a local restaurant guide.

Edmon Chung, CEO of DotAsia Organisation said of IoN: “We’re very excited to be at the forefront of the first magazine specifically catering for the DNS industry and the ICANN community. IoN will be a convenient and entertaining destination, where readers can learn, laugh and be informed.”

Editor of IoN, Kieren McCarthy said: "This industry and the community has grown to the point where it is now impossible to keep up with events through word of mouth. It’s time we had a magazine that pulls together what people need to know as well as help them share information – and that’s what IoN will seek to achieve."

In addition to its high-quality content, eye-catching design and focus on attendee needs, IoN magazine offers a great opportunity for companies to announce their latest initiatives and announcements as well as share data on the rapidly evolving market.

ICANN conferences attract around 2,000 individuals from all over the globe who spend a week in conference sessions listening to discussions covering every aspect of the domain name system. Attendees feature a very high percentage of senior executives as well as key policy-makers within industry and government. 


For more information contact:

Jennifer Chung

Website: www.IoNMag.Asia