Hong Kong, August 11th, 2022 – DotKids Foundation, registry operator for the new “.kids” top-level-domain (TLD), is pleased to announce the commencement of registration for the .kids community TLD.  .Kids is the first TLD dedicated to the best interests of kids, so that parents can rest assured that their kids safety online is taken to heart. 

A significant portion of kids’ time is now being spent online, representing good opportunities for brands to develop their online presence positively with kids and parents.  According to studies carried out by the likes of Fortune Business Insights and Grand View Research, the global kids consumer market is currently valued at US$1.1 trillion and is expected to grow at an annual rate of 6.8%. This growth is spurred by toys and games, food and beverages catered to kids, and private tutoring. A main driver of growth is attributed to online and interactivity, exemplifying the value of .kids, especially with parents being increasingly conscious of the importance of child safety online and responsible marketing, which are key factors that contribute to success in the kids’ sector. 

“At DotKids, we take the protection of kids safety and interests with priority, and will continue to work closely with the global children’s rights and welfare community to put in place relevant policies to mitigate against abuse” says Jennifer Chung of DoKids Foundation. “We believe that .kids presents great value as a positive cyberspace for connecting with kids and parents.”

.Kids opens for the first phase of priority registrations for trademark holders (verified through the Trademark Clearinghouse) on the August 11, 2022, and closes on September 14, 2022, followed by other start up periods as follows:

Community Sunrise (Sep 20, 2022 to Oct 19, 2022) – for children’s rights and welfare organizations around the world to register their names.

Pioneer Registration (Oct 19, 2022 to Nov 29, 2022) – anyone interested to register and makes commitment to utilize a .kids domain is invited to register the .kids domain of their choice.

General availability of .kids domains for regular registration will commence from Nov 29, 2022 onwards.

About DotKids Foundation
DotKids Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation and the registry operator for the “.kids” top-level-domain (TLD).  .Kids is a specialized Internet space for all things kids and the only TLD with kids’ best interest at heart!  DotKids Foundation is dedicated to providing a kids-friendly namespace for the Internet while serving as a sustainable source of support to various children-related initiatives and organizations.