We LOVE Singapore!  There we’ve said it.  We love Singapore not just for its pretty face and incredible architecture, or how it won our hearts through our stomachs after one taste of its mouthwatering chilli crab; but what really excites us  this time is the opportunity to participate in the upcoming Tech in Asia Conference and to get to know some of the tech startups born in the region and the people behind them.

Previously we’ve also worked with Lean Startup Machine to promote entrepreneurship in Asia.  We believe a .Asia domain is particularly well suited for representing Asia’s startups online. It not only signifies the Asian communities, but also conveys access to the rest of the region, instantly turns a brand into an Asia­ friendly name. And with the formation of ASEAN’s new free trade zone our region will become even more integrated.

Will you be attending the Tech In Asia Singapore Conference?  We’d love to meet you there!  If you already have your startup on a .Asia domain we want to hear from you too! Connect with us at info[at]dot.asia.