Date Issued: 2023.07.31

On Aug 1, 2023, the .ASIA registry system operated by our Backend Registry Services Provider Identity Digital (formerly Afilias) will be upgraded. This special advisory addresses two techno-policy changes to the system:

  1. .ASIA Charter Eligibility Requirement
  2. .ASIA CJK (Chinese, Japanese & Korean) IDN Policies

.ASIA Charter Eligibility Requirement

The current .ASIA Charter Eligibility Policy remains valid and in effect. The .ASIA Registry will however be retiring and stop collecting information on Charter Eligibility Declaration (CED) Contact upon the system upgrade. Data specifications included in Section 3.2 of the Policy will no longer be operational. Previously submitted CED Contact information will be archived and no longer available online.

For Accredited Registrars who continue to collect CED Contact information, the CED data can either: 1. be withheld and not submitted to the Registry, OR 2. be submitted through an additional Admin Contact object linked to the domain.

For Accredited Registrars who will no longer collect CED contact information, requirements for: 1. Charter Eligibility Requirements (CER) acceptance (Section 3.1 – Registration Agreement must require .ASIA Registered Name Holder to adhere to the Charter Eligibility Requirement, which includes attesting that it is an entity that have “established, seeking or have nexus relationship and presence within the Sponsor Community”); or, 2. Charter Eligibility Admin (CEA) Contact (Section 3.3 – have at least one Administrative Contact with a postal address within the DotAsia Community); must be satisfied.

.ASIA CJK (Chinese, Japanese & Korean) IDN Policies

The current .ASIA CJK IDN Policies remain valid and in effect, except that Preferred IDN Variants as specified in Section 2.1 of the policies will no longer be activated and included in the zone. Preferred IDN Variants will continue to be blocked and reserved along with Other IDN Variant(s).

DotAsia is committed to standards based best practices for supporting IDN usage. We look forward to being able to reactivate Preferred IDN Variants for .ASIA IDNs, and are following closely and contributing to the IDN Variant Policies being developed at ICANN.

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