Dear DotAsia Members and other Internet community members,

This is a special advisory issued in response to persistent and ungrounded accusations against the DotAsia Organisation along with its CEO and Board Members, along with harassment of DotAsia Organisation’s staff and professional advisers, perpetrated by certain individuals in recent months.

In response to the accusations and harassment, DotAsia has asked our legal counsels to review relevant materials and to provide us with proper legal advice and opinion on the matters.  Attached to this letter are the findings and legal positions on the allegations regarding DotAsia’s corporate governance processes.

Upon review, our legal counsels have confirmed that the DotAsia Board Election Procedures do NOT conflict with our Articles of Association and that the complaints that have been made in that regard are groundless.  We encourage your active participation in the annual DotAsia Board Elections (

The DotAsia Board stands by the integrity of its staff and its operations.  Over the last 20 months, the Board has put in place a series of new policy documents that substantiate our commitment to the continued improvement of our governance framework and to operate in a transparent and accountable manner.

Thank you for your continued support for DotAsia as we continue to build an increased resilience, in alignment with our vision and mission, to continue to contribute to a collaborative Asia Pacific Internet community.

Maureen Hilyard
DotAsia Board Chair