Date Issued: Sep 16, 2022

Dear DotAsia Members and other Internet community members,

This is a special advisory issued in response to online media report regarding the succession planning of the DotAsia leadership.

We express our position that the DotAsia Board and governance bodies take seriously and great care with the succession planning of the DotAsia leadership.  We affirm the commitments of DotAsia to the vision and mission of the organization and its commitments to the community and emphasize that the DotAsia management and leadership succession planning, if such act is to be undertaken, would be done with due consideration and careful planning.

We regret that the recent report had not sought clarification from the organization, and affirm that the report of actions taken regarding the succession of DotAsia’s executive leadership is mistaken.

The DotAsia Board stands by the integrity of its staff and its operations, and continues to work on improved governance of the organization.  We thank you for the continued attention and support from the community for the wellbeing of DotAsia.


Board Executive Committee
DotAsia Organisation

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