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New York, July 9, 2012 – Martial Arts Superstar Donnie Yen is arriving in New York today to receive the prestigious Star Asia Award from the New York Asian Film Festival. He will also announce the launch of his official website and his first charity platform Go.Asia.

Donnie first started working with the DotAsia Organisation in 2011 to support and promote charities in Hong Kong. Edmon Chung, CEO of DotAsia Organisation, remarks “Donnie recognized very early that .ASIA is the one domain extension that allowed him to reach our diverse region with one cohesive web address. We are very delighted to partner with him on various charity projects such as, he is truly an inspiration. I hope through both and Donnie is able to outreach and unite his fans within and beyond the region, creating awareness and impact on charity works that are close to his and our hearts.”

The benefits of building, as his virtual home to connect with fans across Asia and around the globe were obvious. At first Donnie relied on his Weibo (Twitter in China) and Facebook fan page account to communicate with his fans. However, due to the restricted and partial access of these accounts, particularly for his Chinese followers, he soon discovered that third-party proprietary platforms are unable to provide a complete solution. With, he can now communicate with all of his fans, through a regional Internet extension that truly represents where he is from and reflects his identity.

The .ASIA domain extension is Asia’s regional domain dedicated to the Asia market. It is the one domain that instantly turns your website, your brand into an Asia friendly name. And that makes a difference here, where relationships mean business.

About DotAsia Organisation

DotAsia Organisation is a regional not-for-profit organization with a mission to promote Internet development and adoption around Asia. Since the launch of the “.Asia” registry in March 2008, DotAsia has been proactively contributing to the Internet and cultural community in Asia. Today, DotAsia is already supporting many community projects in the region: Relief.Asia (, CreativeCommons.Asia (, OLPC.Asia (One-Laptop-Per-Child Initiative in Asia — and NetMission.Asia (youth volunteer program & network —