FRIDAY, JUNE 23, 2017 - 11:24, UTC

Breakupclub.Asia: Box Office Hit Social Media for the Brokenhearted 分手說愛你

Building on the work with Barbara Wong on 6th Floor Rear Flat, DotAsia partnered with Barbara to secure funding support from the Hong Kong Film Development Council to produce a teen movie Break Up Club (分手說愛你) featuring a mysterious website — — that allows users to win back lost loves, so long as they agree to break up another happy couple. As part of the pre-production promotion, hundreds of heartbroken were recruited to tell their story and put them up at the website which became a social media site for the heartbroken throughout the promotion and production of the film. When the film released in 2010 it was a box office success, making the top 10 for the year and became one of the best performing films of the Hong Kong Film Development Council.

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