(Hong Kong, 27 July 2012) Mr. Donnie Yen and his wife Miss Cissy Wang announced today the start of a new online charity platform called Go.Asia (www.go.asia) which they co-founded. As the founders, the couple will help spread the meaningful works of Go.Asia, encouraging individuals to participate directly on charity works and serve their local communities. The launching press conference was held at the Duke of Windsor Social Service Building, WanChai and renowned DJ Miss Candy Chea was present as the event emcee.

The event kicked off with a one-minute video in which the founders visited Heep Hong Society playing with kids and they also visited 4 underprivileged families in Shum Shiu Po. The couple shared their feelings and memorable pieces on stage. On the visit day, the weather was intolerably hot but Donnie was carrying a bag of 8kg rice walking up 5 to 6 floors to visit each family. Yet the couple said it was worth doing as they could see everyone’s smiling faces.

Mr. Edmon Chung, CEO of DotAsia Organisation joined Donnie and Cissy to explain the belief and mission behind Go.Asia. Together, they demonstrated the use of the website and answered questions from the floor. When a guest asked the celebrity couple why they chose to support Go.Asia, they replied firmly that they truly believe in this project and hope to use this platform to encourage more people to join as volunteers and have a positive domino effect on other charity organizations. And the most important thing to Donnie and Cissy was their role in the Go.Asia project, where they were able to participate and lead by example, and not just solely involved in fund raising activities. This made them feel very comfortable to support this project.

After the sharing session, a simple tablet donation ceremony was held. Go.Asia and WebOrganic donated tablets to support Heep Kong Society’s interactive education program. Each representative unveiled the tablets’ wrapping; a colorful painting appeared on the screen. The paintings were gifts from Heep Hong Society thanking the support from Go.Asia and WebOrganic. Today (27 July) marked the launching day for Go.Asia coinciding with the birthday of Mr. Donnie Yen. The couple received their No.1 Go.Asia volunteer cards to represent their start to serve the community and care about the society. At last, all the guests took a group photo to complete this memorable moment.