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Why Asia Should Be an Integral Part of Your TLD Plan…

TLD.Asia is a DotAsia initiative supporting the creation and development of TLDs (Top-Level Domains) in Asia. As the first and only gTLD from and for Asia, DotAsia will invest our financial and intellectual resources along with our industry, technology and community knowledge to support new gTLD projects from Asia as well as those with a vision for the Asian Internet community and marketplace.

The ICANN new gTLD program opens up a new era for Internet development. This breakthrough holds the potential for the creation of economic value, as well as opportunities for social and community development.

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Customers are Searching in Their Native Languages. Do You Have a Domain that Speaks to Them?

Asia is continuing its rapid growth as the world’s most populated Internet marketplace. With already over 800 Million users connected and an expectation to expand to more than 2 billion Internet users by 2013, Asia is also the fastest growing online ecommerce market. The vast majority of these users will not be navigating the Internet in English.

Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) – web addresses represented in local languages, will help drive brand identity, search patterns and Internet market behaviours online and offline, not unlike the sweeping developments and value creation witnessed in the English and alphanumeric centric Internet in the late nineties and early millennia.

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Access the Most Dynamic Market with One Domain: Use “.Asia” to gain an edge over your “.com”petitors!

With over 800 million users online, Asia is already the most populous Internet marketplace in the world. The majority of the Asian population is younger than 30, and Asia’s networked youth is living 38 hour days, multi-tasking online, redefining Internet business as the global leader in virtual goods consumed, mobile shopping, gaming, and blogging. This is fueling Asia’s rapid growth in eCommerce and new media ad spending. Yet with only 20% penetration, Asia is expected to be the fastest growing region. This means great opportunity for your business.

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To register a .Asia domain, applicant needs to meet .ASIA Chater Eligibility Requirement.

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DotAsia Organisation is a regional not-for-profit organization with a mission to promote Internet development and adoption around Asia. DotAsia oversees the “.Asia” top-level Internet domain name.

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