The devastating earthquakes that hit Japan & Indonesia on September 6th and 28th respectively, have caused thousands casualties in Hokkaido(JP), Sulawesi & Palu(ID). In response to these natural disasters, Go.Asia joined hands with Singapore-based crowdfunding platform, and Japan-based crowdfunding platform “CampFire” to take immediate action by launching crowd fundraising campaigns in collaboration with Peace Winds Japan(PWJ) and the Singapore Red Cross to provide emergency relief support for local rescue teams.

The combined effects of the earthquakes and tsunami in Sulawesi & Palu, Indonesia led to 1,400 deaths and 2,500 injuries.

The joint force crowdfunding campaign initiated by Give.Asia & “CampFire” in collaboration with Peace Winds Japan (PWJ), a non-profit organization situated in Hiroshima.

Money raised directly aided Peace Winds Japan in their relief efforts for those affected by the Hokkaido earthquake. PWJ dispatched a rescue team of 20 members, three disaster rescue dogs and a helicopter to help the immediate rescue. As for Indonesia earthquakes and tsunami, donations will be used by the Singapore Red Cross for the purchase of relief items, including first aid supplies, hygiene kits, necessities like mosquito nets, blankets and sleeping mats for displaced survivors as well as the longer-term recovery and rebuilding efforts. Please join us and show your care and love towards our Asian communities in need!

Support fundraising relief campaign for the Hokkaido Earthquake in Japan:

Support the fundraising relief campaign for Indonesia Earthquakes:

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