The recent launch of the Jockey Club PolyU Human Libraries Hub, operated by universities and community partners, aims to support both the education sector and the public to deepen their understanding about 100+ human stories in Asia. The lens will be focused on characters’ interviews with extended study & references; thematic pages about society, health and humanity e.g. Transformation of Labour in Digitalization, Rare Diseases, Genders & Identities, Active Aging as well as Life Education etc.  

With the same vision focus, will join the team and continue to contribute itself as a content provider in the coming year and bring Asian readers more dynamic and inspiring great big stories through our website and social media channels. Let us know what concerns you in Asia and keep your fingers crossed for our new page ahead!   

Source of information: Jockey Club PolyU Human Libraries Hub 

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Asian American Sustenance

Asian American Sustenance

Food is a vital part of culture.  Through food we are joined via a shared experience.  It is a connection to our earliest memories, our heritage and some say, an intercultural communicator.  Asian American cuisines are a category onto their own.  Dishes such as the...

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