The recent launch of the Jockey Club PolyU Human Libraries Hub, operated by universities and community partners, aims to support both the education sector and the public to deepen their understanding about 100+ human stories in Asia. The lens will be focused on characters’ interviews with extended study & references; thematic pages about society, health and humanity e.g. Transformation of Labour in Digitalization, Rare Diseases, Genders & Identities, Active Aging as well as Life Education etc.  

With the same vision focus, will join the team and continue to contribute itself as a content provider in the coming year and bring Asian readers more dynamic and inspiring great big stories through our website and social media channels. Let us know what concerns you in Asia and keep your fingers crossed for our new page ahead!   

Source of information: Jockey Club PolyU Human Libraries Hub 

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Looking ahead to APrIGF and IGF Berlin

Have you heard of the city that sits on the easternmost terminus of the Trans Siberian railway? Vladivostok is the city that bears the honor. Situated in the Golden Horn Bay in the Russian Far East, it is the location for the 10th edition of the Asia Pacific Regional...

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E-Commerce in Asia-Pacific is not showing any signs of slowing down. Over the past decade it has outpaced the global average and according to the Asia-Pacific B2C E-Commerce Market 2018report, over 50% of global online retail sales stems from Asia-Pacific region....

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