Every year since 2010, Global Tiger Day is celebrated on July 29th to raise awareness and support for tiger conservation.

And I’m part of The Doubling Wild Tigers – Tx2 initiative.  Our goal is to double wild tiger numbers by year 2022 across 12 tiger range countries in Asia and Russia.

Wild tiger numbers have dwindled drastically in the past century due to poaching and loss of their habitat.  Thanks to conservation efforts in the past 10+ years, tiger numbers have been on the rise since 2014.  Today there are close to 4,000 tigers roaming around in the forests of Asia, compared to just over 1,400 in 2006.

But tigers need landscape and forests to thrive and not just survive.  To truly protect these big cats, we have to help maintain and protect their habitats.  According to WWF, tigers are “umbrella species” and by protecting tigers we help conserves many other species in the same area.

Did you know my fellow tigers also have great cultural and historical significance throughout Asia.  You can find many stories, myths and folklore of tigers from Japan to India.  We tigers were once feared and revered all through the Asian continent.  Till this day, tigers are still an icon of power, courage and royalty in Asia.

As powerful and mystical as tigers seem to be, they still need our help today.  So, mark your calendars this July 29th  to learn more about tigers and to make a donation to this wonderful cause.


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