Sponsor Community Project (SCP) Funds


DotAsia is committed to its mandate of promoting Internet development and adoption in the Asia Pacific community.  To dedicate a portion of the proceeds from .Asia domain registry operations directly for community projects, the Sponsor Community Project (SCP) process (.pdf) was put in place and structured to foster partnership with Sponsor Members in supporting the vision and mission of DotAsia.  See DotAsia Membership Roles & Responsibilities.

SCP Funds

SCP Funds are accrued for each regular .Asia domain registration and renewal (i.e. promotional registrations not included) for which the associated Registrant corresponds with a DotAsia Sponsor Member cc-locality (the country and/or territory represented by the corresponding ccTLD).  Available SCP funds are reported annually to Sponsor Members (end of year: Dec 31) and available upon request.  The SCP funds are not benefits to Members, but rather, DotAsia Members are tasked to identify meaningful community projects within their cc-locality for which the SCP funds may apply towards.  Accumulated funds expire after four years, and will be allocated to support other DotAsia community contributions.  See Community Projects supported by DotAsia.

Project Name
Grant Recipient
Funds Allocated (USD)
11th APNG Camp
Nanyang Technological University
National University of Singapore
APrIGF 2010
Organising Committee of APrIGF
Pacific IGF
Pacific Internet Partnership (PIP)
13th APNG Camp
Banjamin Zee
Internet Industry Awards
Liz Dengate Thrush Foundation
15th APNG
Siti Rabi’atul ‘Adawiyah Binte Hairy
Yong Jia Jie
ICANN Meeting Beijing
Beijing Shuang-lian Integrated Marketing
Asian Institute of Technology
8th IGF Bali
IGF Bali
Center for Positive Future
Korea Internet Governance Alliance (KIGA)
Thailand Research Education Network Association (ThaiREN)
In progress
Cyber Defense Network Project
Taiwan Digital Diplomacy Association

Webinar - DotAsia Sponsor Community Project (SCP) Funds

Event Info: January 10, 2023 (Tue)
Time: 04:00 UTC (30 minutes)
Speaker: Edmon Chung, CEO for DotAsia Organisation

In this webinar, DotAsia’s CEO Edmon Chung will tell you about the DotAsia Sponsor Community Project (SCP) Funds, explain who may be eligible and how Sponsor Members of DotAsia can help initiatives that promote Internet development within their cc-locality to apply for the SCP Funds. Join us on January 10, 2023 (Tue) at 04:00 UTC to learn more.