ThaiNOG Day and BGP Peering workshop 2023

Thai Network Information Center (THNIC) Foundation

Event in-person participants: 336
Event online participants: 368
ThaiNOG participants: 186
BGP Deployment Workshop participants: 30
Fellowship recipient participants: 15


Aug, 2023

Open Knowledge
Internet Community in General
Education Advancement
Research & Development



Grant Recipient Information
NOTE: This SCP Report is intended to be completed by the Grant Recipient to report on the outcomes and social impact of the funded project.
Project Name:
ThaiNOG Day and BGP Peering workshop 2023
Please provide a brief description of the organization / initiative:

Thailand Research and Education Network (ThaiREN) was established in January 2007. To support professors, Researchers, and students of the Universities and the Research institutes in Thailand. It is coordinated by UniNet and ThaiSARN to operate network connectivity for both research and education of ThaiREN to enable resource management for education and provides information and communications technology (ICT) for educational institutions and research agencies across Thailand. It also drives the Network operation group such as ThaiNOG.

Community Project Information:
Name / Title of Project
ThaiNOG Day and BGP Peering workshop 2023
.ASIA domain name(s) used for the Project:
Nature of Project (mark with “x”):
Digital Inclusion
Open Knowldege
Internet Community in General
Education Advancement
 Research & Development
Other: (Please Specify):
 Disaster Relief & Rebuild

Individuals actively involved in Internet development in Asia Pacific in any of
the following capacities:

  • Network engineering and network design
  • Network operations and Network Operation Centre
  • Security and network design
  • Educators and trainers
  • Students with a solid foundation in computer network
SCP Report: Achievement of Project Objectives
Please describe if and how the proposed Objectives of Project were achieved or not, and what the learnings may be:

The participation in the event is a measure of the project’s success in achieving its objectives. Both the BPF 2023 & ThaiNOG Day and BGP Deployment Workshop attracted a diverse range of attendees, including Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Content Delivery Network Providers (CDNs), Internet Data Center Providers (IDCs), Carriers, Exchange Center Providers (IXPs), as well as students, academics, and other relevant service providers. The event featured esteemed speakers who possessed extensive expertise and experience in their respective fields. Throughout the event and workshop, participants engaged in valuable knowledge-sharing, discussions, and learning experiences, enabling them to exchange insights and build upon their own knowledge and expertise.


Please highlight the overall achievements of the project:

The BPF 2023 & ThaiNOG Day event spotlighted a wide range of compelling topics from distinguished Thai and international experts related to Internet Technology, Software-defined networks, Last-mile access connectivity, DNS, Internet Measurement, IXP Peering as well as the Data Center Market in Thailand. Moreover, The event held a panel discussion on the topic “Building the Foundation for Thailand to Become the Digital Hub of Southeast Asia” to gather ideas and experiences not only from panelists in the industry but also from all participants as a whole.

The participants at the BPF2023 & ThaiNOG Day were representing 16 countries, attendees came from Thailand and abroad, including Australia, Cambodia, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Pakistan, Singapore, Thailand and the United States. There were 336 on-site participants joining at Carlton Hotel Bangkok Sukhumvit, Thailand, and 368 participants joining online at their respective locations.

Social Impact Assessment (SIA) of SCP:
Measures of Project (please provide results according to the proposed measures of success for the project):

The project measurement is achieved its goals as follows;

  • This year, the ThaiNOG community has seen a significant increase in new participants, with a total
    membership of 164 individuals, which represents a 72 person rise compared to previous years.
  • A total of 186 participants joined the ThaiNOG Day, while 30 participants attended the BGP Deployment
    Workshop. Additionally, among the participants, 15 were recipients of our fellowship awards.
  • The survey results have demonstrated favorable feedback from all attendees, speakers, sponsors, and
    stakeholders. They have expressed their keen interest in participating in our forthcoming events and have
    conveyed their commitment to providing continuous support and enhancing our collaborative efforts.
Please describe and substantiate the social impact of the SCP on the particular stakeholders and in different dimensions:
Individual Oranizational Economic
Impact on primary beneficiaries of the project, and the interaction between primary, secondary and other beneficiaries. Enhancement of grant recipient organizational capacity. Economic impact to beneficiaries.

The primary beneficiaries of the SCP project are individuals and communities specifically targeted. For this activity, we reach the target audience, consisting of individuals within the internet industry who have the potential to influence information technology and internet infrastructure. By providing them with enriched learning opportunities, we empower them to apply the knowledge acquired in order to advance their own professional endeavors. Moreover, they gain familiarity with various components of internet infrastructure through practical examples showcased on dedicated websites. This exposure equips them to potentially expand their work in the future, thereby promoting growth and innovation.

In addition to the primary beneficiaries, there are secondary beneficiaries who are indirectly influenced by the SCP projects. These individuals can include colleagues, as well as members of the wider community, local businesses, or collaborating organizations. The impact on these secondary beneficiaries may not be immediately evident, but the ripple effects of the SCP initiatives can create positive changes and opportunities for them as well.

The support for grant recipients plays a crucial role in enhancing the organizational capacity of grant-recipient organizations in the following ways:
– It enables grant-recipient organizations to execute their projects effectively, thus improving their financial sustainability. This support empowers them to continue their important work within the community.

– It helps establish effective communication channels and fosters mutually beneficial relationships that strengthens partnerships and collaborations among grant recipients and other stakeholders.

– It promotes knowledge sharing and continuous learning among grant recipients. This support provides a platform for organizations to exchange experiences, address challenges, and share success stories. By facilitating the exchange of insights and best practices, it enhances the overall effectiveness and capacity of grant-recipient organizations.

The economic impact on beneficiaries empowers organizations to create lasting positive change in their communities, amplifying their social impact and promoting sustainable development in the Asia-Pacific region.

Please report on the outcomes of project with respect to the mission and vision of DotAsia as included in the project proposal.

Participants from the ThaiNOG community and the Asia-Pacific Internet community were provided with event information through a dedicated website called “” This website served as a platform where they could access relevant details about the fellowship application process, as well as comprehensive information on the BPF 2023 & ThaiNOG Day, and the BGP Deployment Workshop.

Notably, the utilization of the domain name “.asia” garnered significant engagement throughout our event, indicating its wide reach and effectiveness in capturing the attention of our target audience. The website facilitated seamless communication and interaction, ensuring that participants had easy access to essential event-related information.


Describe the coordination with and how DotAsia can further follow up with the Grant Recipient on future collaborations:
To further enhance this collaboration, DotAsia can adopt proactive measures for follow-up. DotAsia maintains regular communication, offers ongoing support, and facilitates participation in Internet/Network community events. This commitment ensures a strong and productive partnership with the ThaiNOG community.
Promotion & Dissemination of Outcomes
List and provide information on how the SCP was promoted to beneficiaries (attach additional materials as necessary):

The Sponsor Community Project (SCP) was promoted to beneficiaries through various channels:

  • Online Presence: A dedicated web page provided project details and application information.
  • Email Campaigns: Targeted emails were sent to potential beneficiaries with personalized invitations and instructions to apply.
  • Social Media: Posts on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn showcased the SCP’s impact and encouraged participation.
  • Direct Outreach: Personalized communication targeted specific organizations, institutions, and individuals.

These promotion efforts ensured wide awareness and maximum participation in the SCP.


List and provide information on how the .ASIA domain(s) were featured (attach additional materials as necessary):

The .ASIA domain(s) were prominently featured through various means to raise awareness and promote their usage. Here are some ways they were showcased:

  • The “.ASIA” will be our main application channel as “ ”. This website also shows on our organization’s website, social media platform, event materials, ect.
  • The logo of “.ASIA” appears on the promoting materials including our website, social media platform, event materials, etc.
Please explain and quantify the reach and/or coverage of the SCP as a result of the promotional efforts:

During the BPF2023 and ThaiNOG Day events, there was a total of 336 participants who joined in person at the Carlton Hotel Bangkok Sukhumvit in Thailand. Simultaneously, 368 participants joined online from their respective locations.

Out of the total participants, 186 individuals took part in the ThaiNOG Day, focusing on relevant topics and discussions, while 30 participants attended the BGP Deployment Workshop. Additionally, among the participants, 15 were recipients of our fellowship awards.


Please explain how the outcomes of the SCP were disseminated (e.g. reports distributed, press reports, etc.):

The outcome of the SCP was effectively disseminated through various channels to reach our stakeholders and the wider community:

  • A comprehensive summary report was created to capture the key information, achievements, details. This report was distributed to our stakeholders, including project partners, sponsors, and relevant organizations. It served as a detailed documentation of the project’s outcomes and provided valuable insights to interested parties.
  • News Release: To ensure broader visibility, a news release was published, announcing the results and significant milestones of the event. This news release was shared with the wider community aimed to generate public awareness and interest in the project’s accomplishments and foster engagement from a diverse audience.