DotAsia Board Elections 2024

Oct 18, 2023

The first draft of the updated Board Elections Procedures (BEP)(BGC-004) for the Board Elections 2024 incorporates feedback from the observations raised previously, as well as edits in alignment with the Proposed Amendments to the DotAsia Articles of Association.

DotAsia Board Elections 2024 – Voting FAQ

What online voting platform will be used?
How do I vote?
  1. Eligible voters receive an invitation-to-vote email with a one-click link that automatically signs them into the ballot – the voters simply click and vote. After they cast their vote, the voters receive a confirmation email with a unique vote receipt. Please do not share this email.
  2. Upon voting, you will also receive an email from the Scrutineer to confirm your vote.
  3. Reply to the Scrutineer within the deadline listed in the email to complete the vote.

Video Webinar Tutorial available here.

How do I verify my vote?

After you submit your vote you are issued a unique ‘Vote Receipt Code’, for each ballot that you vote in. The vote receipt code is shown on a secure webpage after you vote and is also emailed to you.

What do I do if I accidentally voted for the wrong candidate?

Contact the Election Compliance Administrator at

What happens in the case of an equality of votes?

The drawing of lots, if required, in the case of an equality of votes, will be carried out
automatically (algorithmically) and not manually by the voting platform.

What happens in case of technical issues during the voting period?

Under the Election Committee’s discretion, additional time may be afforded to cast votes.

What vote counting methods will be used?

First-past-the-post, (FPTP) also known as simple majority voting. The candidate with the most votes wins. However, please note that Geographical Diversity Requirement will be considered (refer to DotAsia Board Elections Procedures (BEP), Item 2.6).

Who can see my votes?

3rd Party Scrutineer, Election Committee and 3rd Party Election Compliance Administrator.

How does DotAsia comply with the Anti-Corruption law during the Board Election and what should I, as a voter, be aware of?

As a not-for-profit organization in Hong Kong, DotAsia follows the guidance of the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC). Specifically, the Best Practice Checklist – Governance and Internal Control in NGOs (Section 1.5) identifies the following for Nomination and Election of Board:

  • Establish a mechanism for all Board members and voting members to nominate candidates for Board membership, in addition to those identified by the Nomination Committee
  • Adopt an election procedure with adequate checks and balance to ensure fairness and transparency in the process (e.g. by requiring members to declare their relationship with the persons they are going to nominate and reminding members not to unduly influence other members’ nomination or election decisions).

DotAsia and its community reviews the DotAsia Board Elections Procedures (BEP) annually. The BEP identifies a clear process from nomination to voting. To ensure a fair and transparent process, third-party Election Committee members, Scrutineer and an Election Compliance Administration are invited to operate and monitor the Election.

As a voter, the ICAC wants to remind members NOT to unduly influence other members’ nomination or election decisions (such as soliciting, accepting or offering return of favor or personal gain)

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