DotAsia Board Elections 2020

Nov 13, 2019

The DotAsia Board Elections 2020 is held between December 2019 and February 2020. Nominations and voting are to be conducted electronically and according to the finalized Board Elections Procedures 2020, which was drafted based on DotAsia’s Memorandum & Articles of Incorporation. A first draft of the Board Elections Procedures was posted on Nov 13, 2019, and a finalized Board Elections Procedures 2020 was published on Nov 27, 2019.

The nominations period commenced on Dec 4, 2019 and concluded on Jan 8, 2020. The results of the nominations are posted below.

The voting period commenced on Jan 15, 2020 and concluded on Jan 29, 2020. The election results are posted below.

Sponsor Member Category

There were 4 vacancies in the Sponsor Member category and based on the voting results, the following candidates were elected in the Sponsor Member category:

Nicole CHAN North East Asia
Billy Mooho CHEON North East Asia
Maureen HILYARD Australasia & Pacific
Alireza SALEH Middle East & Western Asia

Co-Sponsor Member Category

There was 1 vacancy in the Co-Sponsor Member category and no voting was required as there was only 1 candidate nominated for the 1 vacancy. Below is the candidate who was deemed elected:

Satish BABU

Results of the election were ratified in DotAsia’s annual general meeting (AGM) which was held in Melbourne on Feb 17, 2020.

In this Board Elections, all elected Directors representing each category shall serve on the board for 2 years, and the term of service was to begin from Feb 17, 2020.

As a result, the following persons will form the new board of DotAsia, starting February 17, 2020:

Satish BABU (re-elected)
Nicole CHAN (newly elected)
Billy Mooho CHEON (newly elected)
Atsushi ENDO
Maureen HILYARD (re-elected)
LIM Choon Sai
Alireza SALEH (re-elected)
Dr. THAM Yiu Kwok


Nomination Results

Nominated by
Seconded by
Candidate Confirmation Member Category
Nicole CHAN TWNIC (.TW) SGNIC (.SG) Candidacy Accepted Sponsor Member
Satish BABU APRALO APIA Candidacy Accepted Co-Sponsor Member
Alireza SALEH JPRS (.JP) IRNIC (.IR) Candidacy Accepted Sponsor Member
Maureen HILYARD JPRS (.JP) IUSN Foundation (.NU) Candidacy Accepted Sponsor Member
J Emmanuel DISINI DotPH (.PH) IUSN Foundation (.NU) Candidacy Accepted Sponsor Member
Billy Mooho CHEON KISA (.KR) JPRS (.JP) Candidacy Accepted Sponsor Member
Jim HIGGINS DotPH (.PH) THNIC (.TH) Candidacy Accepted Sponsor Member
Christopher TO DotPH (.PH) IUSN Foundation (.NU) Candidacy Accepted Sponsor Member

Based on the DotAsia Board Elections Procedures 2020:

  1. Since the number of candidates standing for election in the Co-Sponsor Member category is equal to the number of vacancies in that category (i.e. we have 1 candidate and 1 seat), no voting would be required. Satish BABU is therefore deemed elected as he is the only candidate in the Co-Sponsor Member category.
  2. DotAsia will enter into the voting process, which starts on Jan 15 (Wed), and ends on Jan 29, 2020 (Wed) (i.e. a period of 2 weeks), with the following 7 candidates up for election for the 4 seats in the Sponsor Member category:
    • Nicole CHAN [BIO]
    • Billy Mooho CHEON [BIO]
    • J Emmanuel DISINI [BIO]
    • Jim HIGGINS [BIO]
    • Maureen HILYARD [BIO]
    • Alireza SALEH [BIO]
    • Christopher TO [BIO]
  3. In accordance with the geographical diversity requirement specified in Article 33 of the M&A, there shall be at least 1 Director elected for the sub-region of Australia and Pacific, and the 2 candidates from that sub-region are:
    • Jim HIGGINS [BIO]
    • Maureen HILYARD [BIO]

After voting, if neither of the above 2 candidates received the top 4 highest number of votes amongst all candidates, then the one who received the higher number of votes will be deemed elected, and the rest of the 3 vacancies will be filled by the top 3 candidates from the original voting.

Bios from candidates are posted here for voting considerations.

Candidate Bios

Nicole CHAN

Nicole CHAN


  • Attorney at Law/ Industrial Consultant
  • Vice Chairperson of Digital Transformation Association
  • Advisor, Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association
  • Board director of Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)
  • Adjunct Professor, School of Law, National Chiao Tung University


Nicole T. I. Chan, an attorney at law and Industrial Consultant, Vice Chairperson of Digital Transformation Association, Board director of Industrial Technology Research Institute, as well as many distinguished positions in the areas of law and technology.

She is a frequent panelist and moderator and conferences around the world. Previous roles have included Chairperson of National Communications Commission, Taiwan,   Director of Nankang Software Incubator, Director General of Science & Technology Law Institute (STLI), Institute for Information Industry (III).

Her areas of expertise include Intellectual Property Law, Telecommunication Regulations and Policy, Internet Jurisdiction and Policy, Internet Governance, Cybersecurity Governance, ICT and Creative Industry…, etc.

When she took the position of Chairperson of National Communications Commission, NCC Taiwan, Nicole was responsible for planning the 5G and IoT regulatory development of Taiwan, coordinating the National high level of Security Strategic Project, and also co-working with TWNIC for promoting and implementing the Internet Governance and multi-stakeholders model within Taiwan and connect to the APNIC,  ICANN , and other Internet International Organizations.

She received an EMBA degree from National Chengchi University, an LL.M degree in Intellectual Property from the University of London and an LL.B degree from National Taiwan University. 

Professional History:

  • Chairperson, National Communication Commission (Aug. 2016~Apr.2019)
  • Vice President & Director General, Science & Technology Law Institute (STLI), Institute for Information Industry (Mar. 2013~Jul. 2016)
  • Department of Culture & Creative Industries Management, National Taipei University of Education, Assistant Professor(2013~ 2016)
  • Department of Filmmaking, Taipei National University of Arts, Assistant Professor(2010~ 2016)
  • Consultant, Central Picture Corporation, (2010 ~ 2013.02)
  • Flying Dragon Dancing Phoenix, Executive Producer(2012)
  • Seven Days in Heaven, Producer(2010)
  • Managing Director, Industrial Supporting Division, Institute for Information Industry(2008~2010)
  • Director, Project Office for Creative Culture Industry, Council for Culture Affairs)(2010)
  • Director, Nankang Software Incubator, Ministry of Economic Affairs(2008~2010)
  • Chief Legal Officer, Foxlink Group(2007~2008)
  • Senior Advisor & Special Assistant for the Board of III, Institute for Information Industry(2007)
  • Director, Secretarial & Public Affairs Office, Institute for Information Industry(2001~2007)
  • Director, Japan Office, Institute for Information Industry(2006~2007)
  • Partner, Shay & Partners Law Office(1999~2000)
  • Partner, Lo & Partners Law Office(1995~1997)
  • Attorney-at-Law, Meridian Law Office (1992~1994)
Billy Mooho CHEON

Billy Mooho CHEON

Mr. Billy Mooho Cheon is a senior researcher of Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA). He has 20 years of experiences in various international affairs with non-governmental organizations and inter-governmental organizations. In the early 2000s, he started his carrier as a policy maker of number address resources (IPv4, IPv6 and AS numbers) in Asia-Pacific community. From 2005 to 2007, with in-depth knowledge and rich experiences in the Internet addresses management, he contributed to the AP region in policy development and cooperative system development as a member of Executive Council (EC) of Asia Pacific Network Information Center (APNIC).

In 2008, he also participated in Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) of ICANN and presented the views of Korean government on the naming resources (new gTLD, ccTLD, IDN) and Internet governance issues. In 2009, he organized Freedom of Expression session with KISA at Internet governance Forum (IGF). In 2011, he attended at Working Party on Information Security and Privacy (WPISP) of OECD and participated in developing global information security policies and guidelines. In 2012, he worked with the Multi-lateral Development Banks such as the World Bank, and the Inter-American Development Bank in the field of Information Communication Technologies and Cyber Security issues. Since 2015, he is in charge of international affairs on the Internet Governance issues in KISA, serving as Chair of National Internet Registry (NIR) SIG of APNIC and Head of KISA-ICANN partnership center.

With the above experiences and knowledge, he is strongly hope he can contribute to the development of Asia Pacific region in naming industry and Internet governance as DotAsia Board member.

J Emmanuel DISINI

J Emmanuel DISINI

Not yet available

Bio to be posted when available.



Not yet available

Bio to be posted when available.



My initial interest in DotAsia developed through my involvements in the APRIGF where I became well aware of its generous support for community-based activities related to Internet Governance (IG) and in particular, its support for youth involvement in the IG movement within the Asia-Pacific region. I became a member of the DotAsia Board of Directors in 2016. I am currently the Chair of the Board’s Governance Subcommittee and am a member of the executive team working on continuous improvement of Board management systems.

I have a Bachelor of Business and a Master of Management. Originally from New Zealand, I live in the Cook Islands and work as a development consultant on mainly government projects which over the recent years have focused more on environmental issues. My background is in Education, thus my interest in supporting the youth as well as issues of importance to Internet users from developing countries. I have a strong interest in IG and in supporting the domain name interests of Internet end-users through my role as a Board Director of the Pacific Islands Chapter of the Internet Society (PICISOC) and as the current Chair of the At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) of ICANN.

Alireza SALEH

Alireza SALEH

Alireza Saleh is CEO of .IR ccTLD, which is the biggest ccTLD in the Middle East region with over 1.2m registrations. He was a dotAsia Board member for the last decade.

Alireza also sits on the Board of APTLD, where he was elected the APTLD Treasurer Prior to that, as a Project Manager he contributed to the ICANN’s IDN program to develop Internationalized Domain Names. He also was behind a successful implementation of a number of Arabic-Script IDNs including dotIran in Farsi. He also served the community as a Registry Service Evaluation Panelist at ICANN.

In addition, he has always been active in the domain industry and contributed to a number of DNS-related working groups at IETF and ICANN, and actively participated in the development of the IDNA2008 protocol.


My long term cooperation with dotAsia enabled me to achieve a deeper understanding of the organization. As well as a long-standing registry operation practitioner, I gained expertise and leadership skills necessary to help dotAsia to further expand as a better, stronger and safer registry.

As Under my leadership, dot IR has been ranked as one of the fastest growing ccTLDs in the world and currently – the biggest ccTLD in my subregion, I believe I am in possession of the knowledge of how to manage a TLD to maximize its potential without prejudice to the quality of services.

By participating in international organizations and ICANN in particular I learned the art of seeking and mobilizing consensus on policy matters and to appreciate the importance of monitoring and evaluation of large-scale, region- and community-wide projects. If elected, I am committed to invest my experience for the company and community’s benefit.

Specifically, my expertise in the International Domain Names area would be helpful in order to implement an Arabic-script IDN for dotAsia to encompass the Middle East and Arabic-script users within Asia.

Also, keenly aware of the yet unlocked potential of the North and West Asia and my extensive network of contacts in the region, my intention is to help build strong presence of dotAsia there to benefit both the community and dotAsia.

Christopher TO

Christopher TO

Not yet available

Bio to be posted when available.

Board Elections 2020 Voting Results

Votes Received Remarks
Nicole CHAN 10 Elected
Billy Mooho CHEON 8 Elected
J Emmanuel DISINI 7  
* Jim HIGGINS 4  
* Maureen HILYARD 7 Elected
Alireza SALEH 8 Elected
Christopher TO 7  

* In accordance with the geographical diversity requirement specified in Article 33 of the M&A, there shall be at least 1 Director elected for the sub-region of Australasia and Pacific, therefore the winner amongst the 2 candidates, Jim HIGGINS and Maureen HILYARD shall be elected.  The rest of the 3 vacancies will be filled by the top 3 candidates.

Based on the voting, the following candidates are elected for the Sponsor Member category:
Nicole CHAN
Billy Mooho CHEON
Maureen HILYARD (higher number of votes received for the sub-region of Australasia and Pacific)
Alireza SALEH

Note:  Satish BABU was deemed elected for the Co-Sponsor Member category as he was the only candidate nominated for that category.

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