DotAsia AGM 2014, Petaling Jaya

Feb 24, 2014

DotAsia Annual General Meeting at APRICOT, Petaling-Jaya, 02.23.2014


DotAsia AGM 2014 LiveBlog




How to start a startup

With self-confidence and brilliant ideas for new business in your mind, what are you going to do? Having best-in-class products is not enough. Finding the right place for the launch and getting sufficient capital is more crucial. Asia has become a cradle for startups in recent years. To start from zero, young entrepreneurs might get some hints here for their new ventures.

The actual cost of a dream life in Asia

If the cost of living is one of your worries when considering a destination to study or kickstart a career, you are not alone. To measure the Youth Mobility Index, DotAsia Organization collected over 500 data points which includes the comparison of living cost in 20 localities across Asia.

Five reasons why the millennials make great entrepreneurs

Nowadays the millennial generation is taking over the Generation X and Baby Boomers to become the majority of the workforce. This revolutionary generation is also reshaping the business world by creating an unprecedented startup boom. You see that Forbes launches the annual list of entrepreneurs and innovators called 30 under 30 to celebrate the success of the powerful individuals since 2011. This entrepreneurial generation will continue to evolve and create our connected future.

Four Asian cities to work hard and play hard

In case you are planning to start a career in another Asian city, choosing a destination would never be easy because each of them would bring a thriving living experience. To get the best out of the living during your overseas working, you’d better know what you most enjoy so that you could narrow down the choice.

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