DotAsia Board Elections 2012

Jan 4, 2012

The DotAsia Board Elections 2012 was held between November 2011 and February 2012. Nominations were conducted electronically and according to the finalized Board Elections Procedures 2012 , which was drafted based on DotAsia’s Memorandum & Articles of Incorporation . A first draft of the Board Elections Procedures was posted on Nov 9, 2011, and a finalized Board Elections Procedures was published on Nov 28, 2011.

The nominations period commenced on Nov 30, 2011 and concluded on Jan 4, 2012. The results of the nominations are posted below.

The voting period was scheduled to commence on Jan 18, 2012 and conclude on Feb 8, 2012. However since the number of candidates standing for election in the Sponsor Member category is equal to the number of vacancies in that category, no voting was required, and the election results are posted below. As for the Co-Sponsor Member Category, since there was no candidate standing for election, a by-election was conducted. However, no nominations were received for the by-election, as a result, DotAsia will defer the Elections to be held together with the next board elections.

Sponsor Member Category

There were 4 vacancies in the Sponsor Member category and the following candidates were deemed elected:

Candidate Sub-Region
Joel DISINI South and Southeast Asia
Stafford GUEST Australia and Pacific
Alireza SALEH Middle East, Asia Minor and Eurasia
Dr. SIR Jae-Chul North and Northeast Asia

Co-Sponsor Member Category

There was 1 vacancy in the Co-Sponsor Member category and the following candidate was nominated:


However since Che-Hoo CHENG has determined to resign from the DotAsia board, the candidacy was not accepted. The vacancy still stands after the by-election, as no nominations were received.

Results of the election were ratified in DotAsia’s annual general meeting (AGM) which was held in New Delhi, India on Feb 26, 2012.

In this Board Elections, all elected Directors shall serve on the board for 2 years, and the term of service was to begin from Feb 26, 2012.

Nomination & Election Results

Nominated by
Seconded by
Candidate Confirmation Category
Stafford GUEST IUSN Foundation (.NU) InternetNZ (.NZ) Candidacy Accepted Sponsor Member
Alireza SALEH JPRS (.JP) KISA (.KR) Candidacy Accepted Sponsor Member
Dr. SIR Jae-Chul JPRS (.JP) IRNIC (.IR) Candidacy Accepted Sponsor Member
Joel DISINI DotPH (.PH) JPRS (.JP) Candidacy Accepted Sponsor Member
Che-Hoo CHENG APNG IDRC / PAN Candidacy Not Accepted Co-Sponsor Member

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