This was the first time for NetMission Ambassadors to organize and be part of a Internet Governance Youth Boost Camp in 078 Kobe Festival.

This trip to Kobe was an engaging blend of fun and work. We held a model ICANN meeting to discuss many Internet issues, met with local and international students and played games together, and had fun with locals during the last two days of 078 Kobe Fest.

Since the 2019 ICANN meeting is to be held in Kobe, we hosted this boost camp to engage more young people on Internet governance issues and encourage them to propose their ideas in the coming ICANN meeting. The participants were active in expressing their opinions and views on different topics. Most of the participants are international students from South Asia, Europe, and Africa. Their diverse backgrounds and experiences deepened the discussions and their unique viewpoints represented their roles as stakeholders well.

On the second day, we started the discussion with “Internet of Names: Our Digital Future”. Edmond, Tommy-san and Maemura-san’s experienced and professional sharing gave us fruitful insights and initiated board discussions into various internet issues. Participants were encouraged to voice out their opinions based on the topics. We also discussed some of the hotly debated issues on controversial domain names, such as .sex, .wtf, etc. All of us had plenty of fun at the camp. We look forward to seeing familiar faces at 078Kobe X NetMission in ICANN, Kobe 2019!

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