E-Commerce in Asia-Pacific is not showing any signs of slowing down. Over the past decade it has outpaced the global average and according to the Asia-Pacific B2C E-Commerce Market 2018 report, over 50% of global online retail sales stems from the Asia-Pacific region. China, Japan and South Korea are among the global leaders for B2C E-Commerce and countries in South and Southeast Asia, such as India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines will be regional growth leaders for the coming 5 years. One main reason for this growth is the mobile internet growth in the Asian region. The report states that three-quarters of E-Commerce in Asia is from M-Commerce.

Research house Mintel projects E-Commerce will account for 31.4 per cent of total Asia-Pacific retail spending by 2020. Matthew Crabbe, Mintel’s Asia-Pacific regional trends director, said “The online economy is a crucial part of Asia-Pacific’s current and future economic growth. It is also a major part of the continuing integration of the economies and consumer-spending patterns across the region”. The future in Asia is looking more integrated and online as ever and this opens windows of opportunities for many businesses.

Going hand in hand with this E-Commerce boom are some businesses who are enhancing the service and experience for the end user. One of these services is Popbox (https://www.popbox.asia/) which is based in Indonesia and Malaysia. They allow businesses and customers to use their lockers so people can pick up their purchases using their smartphone. Their main selling point is locations with lockers available in almost every district in Indonesia and Malaysia. Another noteworthy business is Commerce.Asia which help businesses when they want to start selling online. Their vast network allows them to help every business to take advantage of the huge E-Commerce market in Asia.

The future is looking bright in Asia for the online retail space and we want your ideas to reach out to the ever growing online Asian population.


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