The inaugural Youth Olympics Qualifiers for Kiteboarding recently concluded in Thailand with 4 qualifiers making it to the Youth Olympics in Buenos Aires in October. It was 5 days of intense competition with riders showcasing their skills and agility to make it to the biggest of world stages. Riders came from Japan, Thailand, and Philippines to name a few, and this may just be the beginning of something special for them to embark on.  The Philippines’ Christian Tio ( secured an inaugural kiteboard racing spot for his country, the Philippines, after the tightest of finishes. He was even featured on CNN when he returned back home. Full list of results can be found at

Youth Olympic Games Kiteboarding Qualifier, Thailand

The DotAsia Organisation collaborated with Kiteboard Tour Asia, ( who were in charge of staging the event, to set up the official website for the event and also provide each rider with his/her very own online profile. Going forward, this will be a great way for the riders to communicate with their fans, the media and have their own virtual platform to look back on their riding memories. In the coming months, DotAsia Organisation is going to hold a webinar for the riders on how to update their website with the latest news and results too.

The chance to showcase your talent in the region has never been easier. With more than 2 billion current Internet users (48.1% of the global share) and 2.2 billion expected for 2020, Asia is the place to be for talented individuals.  Some talented creatives have already started their online profile. ALIAKE, (, is a Japanese band who have embraced an online platform where they share information about their schedule, share pictures and have some contact information. Similarly, Angelina Hirawan (, a girl who wants to unite the world through her singing is also using an online platform to spread her music.

DotAsia Organisation will continue to support the 4 riders as they start their preparation for the big event in Buenos Aires. They will be waving the Asia flag there bringing the medals home! Go Asia!

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.Asia 的一带一路丶一域中的

2019 年第四个月份,DotAsia 收到了中国工业和信息化部(MIIT)的好消息,.Asia 域名已获得中华人民共和国工业和信息化部(MIIT)的认证,.Asia 域名将再次在中国市场推出 。 中国是 .Asia 重要的服务市场,随着一带一路意味着互联互通,互相贸易丶互相分享,互相关爱,中华民族五千年文明史上从未如此跟世界紧密连接过,随着国际互联网增长迅速,...

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