Email is the main communication tool facilitating communications between DotAsia and Members, as well as within the governance bodies of DotAsia. DotAsia mailing lists are private and restricted to respective members of the list only. Only members subscribed to particular mailing lists may post into that list, for example, only Board Members for the Board mailing list, only Advisory Council (AC) Members for the AC mailing list, etc. Non-members of any list will receive a standard moderation notice from Mailman indicating the reason it is being held as: “Post by non-member to members – only list.”

DotAsia mailing lists are also moderated for potential spam and abusive content utilizing the standard Mailman setup for detecting large messages, implicit destination (BCC) and where the sender includes too many recipients. Subscription and desubscription to the mailing lists are managed by the DotAsia team. Relevant DotAsia team members are also subscribed to the mailing lists to support the respective discussions. Please contact membershipenquiries [at] for any membership enquiries.

DotAsia Member Mailing Lists

members [at]
Discussion list for subscribed DotAsia Member representatives.
announce [at]
Announcement (no-reply) list for distribution of newsletter, updates, invitation to meetings, and other announcements to DotAsia Members. Only DotAsia team, DotAsia Board Chair and other designated senders, e.g. Election Committee Chair during the elections can post on this list.

Board & Governance Mailing Lists

board [at]
For DotAsia Board members discussion only.
boardexco [at]
For DotAsia Board Executive Committee (Exco) discussion only.
bgc [at]
For DotAsia Board Governance Committee (BGC) discussion only.
bfc [at]
For DotAsia Board Finance Committee (BFC) discussion only.
bcc [at]
For DotAsia Board Community-Projects Committee (BCC) discussion only.
ac [at]
For DotAsia Advisory Council (AC) discussion only.

Membership Contacts

boardsec [at]
For Board and Governance support.
membershipenquiries [at]
For general membership enquiries or complaints.
secretary [at]
For corporate maintenance and support.
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