DotAsia Members Map 2024

DotAsia Community & Membership

DotAsia is a community-based bottom-up initiative, with a membership-based not-for-profit organisation structure. There are 2 types of members defined:

1. Sponsor Members

Sponsor Members shall be organisations in the Pan-Asia and Asia-Pacific region, as defined by ICANN’s Asia / Australia / Pacific Region (based on the ICANN Region definitions) that manage and operate any of the country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) registries in the region.

2. Co-Sponsor Members

Co-Sponsor Members shall be regional-based Internet, Information Technology, Telecommunications, non-profit, NGO or other relevant community organizations in the Pan-Asia and Asia-Pacific region.

The boundaries of the DotAsia community are defined based on the ICANN Asia / Australia / Pacific region (, within an inclusive approach in mind. To ensure that the Board of Directors is relevant and representative of the multicultural Pan-Asia and Asia-Pacific region, geographical diversity will be an important criterion for the selection of the Directors. This geographical diversity requirement will be enforced and at least one individual from each of the 4 Sub-Regions will be represented on the Board.

The DotAsia Sub-Regions are defined as the following 4 Areas: 1. North & Northeast Asia; 2. South & Southeast Asia; 3. Middle East & West Asia; and, 4. Australasia & Pacific. The included economies and countries along with the corresponding categorization are based on the following 3 sources:

DotAsia membership remains open to new members. Members value contributing to the governance of the .Asia Sponsored gTLD registry as a key benefit. All Sponsor Members or Co-Sponsor Members enjoy the same benefits and are treated equally no matter when they join, so eligible organisations may join the initiative at their own pace.

As DotAsia continues its outreach to recruit members from the region, these efforts will also help further the community mandate of the organisation as well as to help bring local constituencies into the regional and international Internet community and forums.


DotAsia Mailing Lists

Brief descriptions and listing of the DotAsia Member and Governance Mailing lists can be found here.

DotAsia Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of DotAsia is made up of a maximum of 11 members: 8 seats returned by Sponsor Members, 2 seats returned by Co-Sponsor Members, and 1 seat for the CEO appointed by the Board. Each elected member serves for 2-year terms and are eligible for re-election. While the nomination and voting of the Board elections are through organizational members, all Board members serve on the DotAsia board in their personal capacity and on a volunteer basis.

DotAsia Organisational Structure

The Board of Directors oversee the governance of the organization and are advised on policy matters by an [Advisory Council] populated by one representative from each Co-Sponsor Members along with other industry and community experts in the region.

The direct and close involvement of many regional ccTLDs ensures a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the operational and policy management of a TLD registry in the Pan-Asia and Asia-Pacific region. Furthermore, representation in governance from successful Asia-Pacific Internet and Information Technology groups, provides broad representation and relevance from the Pan-Asia and Asia-Pacific community. Together they create a well-balanced governance structure that forms a solid foundation for a successful TLD registry for Asia.

DotAsia Advisory Council

The Advisory Council advises the Board on all policy matters. The Advisory Council is constituted based on appointments from Co-Sponsor Members (one person per Co-Sponsor Member) in addition to experts appointed by the Board.

AC Terms of Reference (AC-TOR)

Advise the DotAsia Board and Team on governance and policy matters

  • Provide advice on Board & other governance (incl. budget & prioritization) processes
  • Provide advice on .Asia Registry Policies (including technical, market & community)

Advise the DotAsia Board and Team on Community development and engagement activities

  • Provide advice on community engagement priorities (incl. Internet Governance)
  • Provide advice on emerging matters (esp. those relevant for AP Internet Community)

Current Advisory Council Members

  • Izumi AIZU
  • Prof. Kilnam CHON (Professor Emeritus, KAIST and Visiting Professor, Keio University)
  • Khaled FATTAL (Acting Executive Director, AINC)
  • Hirofumi HOTTA
  • Dr. Kenny HUANG (Advisor, CDNC)
  • Ole JACOBSEN (Board of Director, APNOG)
  • Frank CHOW (Head of HKCERT for APCERT)
  • Rupesh SHRESTHA (Chair, SANOG)
  • Paul WILSON (Director General, APNIC)
  • Magie ANTONIO (APNG)
  • Prof. XUE Hong (Member, APRALO)

    Previous Advisory Council Members

    • Rajnesh SINGH (Regional Vice President, ISOC-APAC) (2023)
    • Ching CHIAO (APNG) (2017-2020)
    • Maria NG Lee Hoon (Regional Senior Program Specialist, PAN, IDRC) (2003-2012)
    • Don HOLLANDER (2006-2008, 2013-2015)
    • Prof. Kanchana KANCHANASUT (Co-Chair, APNG) (2006 – 2016)
    • Roy KO (Manager, HKCERT for APCERT) (2008-2013)
    • Ramesh Kumar NADARAJAH (2009-2010)
    • SC LEUNG (Senior Consultant, HKCERT for APCERT) (2014-2021)
    • Tommy MATSUMOTO (Advisor, APNG) (2021)
    • Phet SAYO ( Senior Program Officer, IDRC)(2012 – 2023)
    • Leonid TODOROV (General Manager, APTLD) (2015-2022)
    • Gaurab Raj UPADHAYA (Founding Chair, SANOG) (2012-2022)
    • Jian ZHANG (General Manager, APTLD) (2009-2013)

    Community Projects & Contribution

    DotAsia Organisation is dedicated to its mandate of promoting Internet development and adoption in Asia. Following the DotAsia vision of a collaborative Asia, we believe in community engagement and contribution and in partnerships with not-for-profit organizations to implement community projects. Besides Community Projects that DotAsia proactively support and develop, a portion of the proceeds from registrations (or renewals) of “.Asia” domains is set aside directly for community projects in partnership with Sponsor Members of DotAsia: Sponsor Community Projects (SCP)

    Sponsor Community Projects (SCP) Reports can be found here.

    Sponsor Community Projects are supported through the direct contribution funds in partnership with Sponsor Members. For more information, please see the Sponsor Community Projects (SCP) Process (BCC-002) [pdf|docx], or contact scpsubmission [at]

    In general, DotAsia is committed towards Community Projects meeting one or more of the following criteria:

    • Digital inclusion related projects to bridge the digital divide and help the digitally disadvantaged, especially in poverty relief and advancement of education
    • Educational initiatives, advancing of a domain of knowledge, scholarships and other open knowledge programs (such as open license educational materials), especially projects leveraging the Internet
    • Research and development efforts that are charitable in nature and beneficial to the community, including projects such as socio-technical research, open source development, disaster relief and rebuild efforts especially on information infrastructure support, etc.

    Past Community Projects

    Learn about some of the DotAsia community projects from the past

    Current Board Members

    Satish BABU, Board Governance Committee (BGC) Chair

    Satish BABU, DotAsia Board MemberSatish BABU (SOI) has been a programmer, open source activist, development professional and IT entrepreneur, with a career spanning close to forty years. He has been active in global and regional Internet Governance since 2009, and has held leadership positions in the ICANN community such as the ICANN NomCom, and as Chair of APRALO. He is a co-founder of the India School on Internet Governance (inSIG) and the first elected Chair of APSIG. He is a co-founder of InApp Infotech, an IT Services company with offices in India, US and Japan. He is also active in other technical societies including IEEE, IEEE Computer Society and Internet Society. He is a Fellow and past President of the Computer Society of India.

    Thomas BARRETT

    Tom BARRETT, DotAsia Board MemberThomas BARRETT (SOI) is President and Founder of the .PW ccTLD registry and two ICANN-accredited domain name registrars: EnCirca, and Name Share. Tom also serves as Chair of the Blockchain Committee for the International Trademark Association and recently launched Altroots, a brand protection service for blockchain domains.

    EnCirca specializes in partnering with top-level domain registry operators, including serving as exclusive registrar for .CPA and .REALTOR, and designing and maintaining the verification platform for the .BANK and .INSURANCE registries. EnCirca also provides registration, custody backup and trademark protection services for blockchain-based domain name projects.

    Previously, Tom helped launch ICANN’s first two new gTLDS while at Neustar (.BIZ) and NetNames (.INFO), where he was a founding Board member of Afilias. Tom sold NetNames to NetBenefit, a public company on the London Stock Exchange and served on their Board of Directors.

    Even earlier, Tom led the development of the SAEGIS trademark research platform for Thomson-CompuMark (now part of Clarivate), conducted business process re-engineering at Accenture and worked on jet engine factory automation for General Electric and Pratt & Whitney Aircraft. Tom has engineering degrees from MIT and WPI and lives north of Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

    Jordan CARTER, Board Chair

    Jordan CARTERJordan CARTER (SOI) joined auDA (.au) in 2022 in the new role of Internet Governance and Policy Director. He is responsible for building effective coalitions to advance multi-stakeholder Internet governance processes and outcomes in Australia and internationally. He leads auDA’s work to support Australia’s digital transformation and advocates for effective and innovative technology policy.

    Jordan brings with him a great depth of experience from his 19 years at InternetNZ, including nine as Chief Executive, where he engaged deeply on local and international Internet policy. His achievements include significant contribution to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)’s country code Name Supporting Organization (ccNSO), including as a ccNSO Council Member, and as co-chair of the Accountability Work Stream related to the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) Stewardship Transition. He also convened civil society input to the New Zealand government’s Christchurch Call, and contributed to the establishment and development of New Zealand’s Internet Governance Forum, NetHui.

    He has participated in Asia Pacific regional internet governance since the mid 2000s, including through work with APTLD, the national and regional Internet Governance Forums, and a wide range of other processes in the region and globally.

    Nicole CHAN

    Nicole CHANNicole T.I. CHAN (SOI) is former Chairperson of National Communications Commission (NCC), Taiwan. When she took the position, Nicole was responsible for planning the 5G , IoT and Cybersecurity regulatory framework and development of Taiwan, coordinating the National high level of Security Strategic Project, and also co-working with TWNIC, especially for the DNS and IP issues, for promoting and implementing the Internet Governance and multi-stakeholders model within Taiwan and connect to the APNIC, ICANN, and other Internet International Organizations. Nicole is an attorney at law and industrial consultant. In her professional career, she deeply involved in the Internet and technology development issues raised and discussed by the Internet society. She also work closely with ICT Industry and international organizations, especially for the multi-related issues. She has been Board director of Dot Asia from Feb. 2019 until Feb. 2022 and current is ICANN ASO/AC (reappointed by APNIC and serving until Dec.2023), Vice Chair of Digital Transformation Association, Honorable Chairperson of Taiwan Blockchain Association, as well as many distinguished positions in the areas of Internet and Technology law, policy making and strategy.

    Nicole is a frequent speaker, panelist and moderator of domestic, reginal and global Internet, technology, and digital transformation related conferences, such as APNIC and APrIGF, TWNIC, APNIC and ICANN Engagement Forum, APSIG, SIGGRAPH, etc. Previous roles have included Chairperson of National Communications Commission (NCC), Taiwan.

    When Ms. Chan worked as the Board director of DotAsia and ICANN ASO/AC in the past few years, she helped the achievements including completing the Governance Documents of DotAsia, processing the collaboration projects with Internet Communities, and the election of No.9 seat of ICANN Board.

    Nicole’s areas of expertise include Internet Law, Intellectual property law, international cyberspace law and jurisdiction, internet governance, cybersecurity, Regulatory Mechanism, and many vertical domain Industries such as Electronic, Health Care, Audiovisual and film, etc, and the relationship with Internet Organizations making her an excellent candidate to offer academic and practical knowledge to the DotAsia. Especially, she has been dedicating to the promotion of law-making on Digital Convergence Regulations in Taiwan so that she has consolidated her highest level of understanding on the Internet-based industries.

    Nicole is a graduate of University of LONDON, UK and National Taiwan University, qualified as a lawyer in Taiwan. Her areas of expertise include Science & Technology Law, Intellectual Property Law, Telecommunication Regulations and Policy, Internet Jurisdiction and Policy, Internet Governance, Cybersecurity Governance, Internet & e-Commerce Regulation, Creative Industry Regulation and Management, Hi-tech & creative Industry Policy, Enterprise Investment & Management…, etc.

    Edmon CHUNG, CEO

    Edmon ChungEdmon CHUNG (SOI) is an inventor of patents underlying technologies for internationalized domain names (IDN) and email addresses on the Internet. Edmon has served on many global IDN related committees, including technical and policy groups, that made it possible for the introduction of multilingual domain names and email addresses on the Internet. Edmon founded Neteka Inc. in partnership with the University of Toronto Innovations Foundation in 1999, and went on to win the Most Innovative Award in the Chinese Canadian Entrepreneurship Award in 2001. In 2000, Edmon was selected by The Globe and Mail as one of the Young Canadian Leaders. Between 2007 and 2010, Edmon served as an elected member on the ICANN GNSO Council. Between 2010 and 2012, Edmon served as an elected member on the ICANN At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) from the Asia Pacific Region. Between 2006 and 2011, Edmon served as an elected member of the Elections Committee of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in the Information Technology Subsector.

    Edmon has a Bachelor of Applied Science and Master of Engineering from the University of Toronto.

    Maureen HILYARD, Board Community Committee (BCC) Chair

    Maureen HILYARDMaureen HILYARD (SOI) – I relocated to the Cook Islands from New Zealand in 2004 initially as an Advisor to the Cook Islands Ministry of Education’s Distance Learning section. During my 4 years with the Ministry, I joined the Internet Society’s Pacific Islands Chapter which led to role as the PICISOC Board Chair and then on to the At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) of ICANN. PICISOC was one of At-Large’s first ALSes. While on the ALAC, I was the ALAC Liaison to the ccNSO for 6 years until I first became the Vice Chair in 2017 and then the Chair of the ALAC in 2018. During this 4-year period through my contacts with APRICOT and the APRIGF, I was elected to the Board of DotAsia in 2016 and was the first officially elected Board Chair in 2021 until the end of my term.

    At the conclusion of my term as ALAC Chair, I will remain a member of the ALAC during 2023 and am the ALAC Vice Chair in charge of At-Large Outreach and Engagement. I am also the ALAC representative on the GNSO Guidance Process for Applicant Support which will be preparing the Guidebook for new and underserved applicants for the new round of gTLDs, who may be wanting to better understand the requirements of not only being a successful new gTLD applicant but also a successful registrar. At-Large has also maintained a high-level interest in Universal Acceptance of Internationalised Domain Names and mitigating DNS Abuse. I was fortunate to have spent 5 years on the Advisory Council of the Public Interest Registry and was selected to transfer in 2021 to the Advisory Council of the DNS Abuse Institute which coordinates the efforts of registries and registrars to minimise DNS Abuse that can impact negatively on end-user experiences on the Internet.

    Boyoung KIM

    Boyoung KIM, DotAsia Board MemberBoyoung KIM (SOI) is in charge of domestic/international relations at KRNIC(Korea Network Information Center) of KISA(Korea Internet & Security Agency).

    Boyoung joined KISA in 2012 and since then has been involved in developing both domestic and international policy for domain name and Internet governance.

    She has been participating in ICANN as a GAC and ccNSO representative since 2012, which gave her sufficient knowledge on policy such as IANA transition(experienced IG structure development period), new gTLD policy, WHOIS/RDRS, RZ-LGR, etc. She shares her experience with local community to help them get involved in global policy development process.

    Also, she has been involved in several Internet Governance activities for the local and regional community. She hosted KrIGF for several years, APIGA(Asia Pacific Internet Governance Academy) since 2016, lead youth development projects such as IG curriculum, youth group, etc.

    Since she joined the APTLD as a board of director since 2021, tries to contribute to the AP community with her experience.

    Jose LAY

    Jose LAY, DotAsia Board MemberJose LAY (SOI) is a professional with extensive experience in the field of telecommunications and internet governance. Holding a B.Eng. from Gadjah Mada University and a Ph.D. in Electrical and Information Engineering from Sydney University, Jose has a passionate commitment to advancing the development of the telecommunications sector in small economies.

    One of Jose’s notable contributions is his role in the establishment of the National Communications Authority of Timor-Leste, the telecom regulator of the country. In addition to its regulatory responsibilities, this authority also manages .tl. Jose currently holds the position of Principal Advisor within the organization, where he works with the Board to shape a favorable telecommunications landscape for Timor-Leste’s development.
    On internet governance, Jose has been actively engaged in the ongoing discussions at both ICANN and ITU. Within ICANN, he has been a participant in GAC meetings, serving as the representative of the Government of Timor-Leste since ICANN50.

    Jose Lay’s unique blend of firsthand experience in confronting the developmental hurdles of a small nation, coupled with his extensive engagement in the fields of telecommunications and internet governance, makes him a valuable asset poised to make a meaningful contribution to the DotAsia Board.

    Akinori MAEMURA, Board Finance Committee (BFC) Chair

    Akinori MAEMURAAkinori MAEMURA (SOI) (前村 昌紀) is Chief Policy Officer of JPNIC – Japan Network Information Center, a not-for-profit Internet promotion body and National Internet Registry for Japan.

    Maemura has more than 25 years of career and experience in the Internet technical operations and coordination. He started the Internet career at NEC Corporation, Japan, to launch its ISP business, which is now known as BIGLOBE, as a network engineer in 1994. After that he got involved in the Internet Coordination among ISPs and associations, as the commercial Internet is emerging in Japan, including the establishment of JANOG, the Network Operators’ Group of Japan, and IP address management at JPNIC – Japan Network Information Center. Then his involvement expanded to the region when he was first elected to the Executive Council of APNIC, Asia Pacific Network Information Centre, one of five Regional Internet Registries which administer the Internet number space for respective regions in 2000. He served as an EC member for 16 years, especially as the Chair of it for 13 years until February 2016. After that, he was elected to the Board of Directors of ICANN – Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers as an appointee of its ASO, Address Supporting Organization. He served as an ICANN Board Member for two terms, six years until 2022.

    As the Chief Policy Officer of JPNIC, Maemura presides JPNIC’s consideration, coordination and communication of the Internet Policies as well as its external and international relations.

    He also serves as a Board Director at JPCERT Coordination Center, the national computer incident response team in Japan.

    Rupesh SHRESTHA

    Rupesh SHRESTHA, DotAsia Board MemberRupesh SHRESTHA (SOI) Chair of South Asian Network Operators Group (SANOG) and also CEO and board of Directors of Internet Exchange Nepal (NPIX). He has been in the Internet Industry for more than 25 years starting as a system administrator in an ISP. Rupesh has worked in leadership roles in various organizations with his experience in management, finance and technology in Nepal and Philippines. His leadership in SANOG has helped establish SANOG CERT and has assisted in setting up local NOGs in several south Asian countries. He has also been contributing in various roles in APRICOT, APNIC and other community engagements. Rupesh was also founding co-chair of Routing Security SIG of APNIC and currently Fellowship Co-chair of APRICOT. Rupesh served as the host steering committee member for APrIGF 2021. He is also on the advisory committee of DotAsia. He has been a speaker, panelist, and moderator in several domestic and regional conferences.

    Rupesh has served and contributed his knowledge and experience in several committees including National Steering Committee of IT in Nepal, Computer Association of Nepal, IT committee of Confederation of Nepalese Industries etc. He has been an influential contributor in the South Asia and Asia Pacific region in Technical Skill improvement, community engagements, Network resiliency advocacy and sharing experiences for policies and governance.

    Rupesh has Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Indian Universities.

    Jo-Fan YU

    Jo-Fan YU, DotAsia Board MemberJo-Fan YU (SOI) is the Managing Director and CEO of TWNIC. She is active in local internet communities and regularly gives speeches and joins discussions on digital and internet issues. She is also the Director of TWIGF.

    Before joining TWNIC, Jo-Fan was the Supervisor of TWNIC. Jo-Fan was also a partner in the global law firm Baker McKenzie and focused on Technology, Media, and Telecommunications Practice. She also worked in Google as its Head of Public Policy and Government Relation for Taiwan and Hong Kong. She constantly advocated for sound digital and internet public policies through acting as the advisor to government, as the Supervisor of AmCham, and as the Chairwoman of Taipei Bar Association. She has an extensive experience especially in data protection, consumer protection, content regulation, antitrust,telco regulation, cybercrimes, IP-related issues, and corporate governance.

    Please see more details at her LinkedIn Profile.

    Previous Board Members

    • Santanu ACHARYA (Feb 2021 – Feb 2023)
    • Kashif ADEEL (Feb 2021 – Feb 2023)
    • Che-Hoo CHENG (Sep 2006 – Feb 2012)
    • Jordan CARTER (Feb 2023 – Nov 2023) (Nov 2023 to Present, via By-Election)
    • Nicole CHAN (Feb 2020 – Feb 2022) (Feb 2023 – Nov 2023) (Nov 2023 to Present, via By-Election)
    • Billy Mooho CHEON (Feb 2020 – Feb 2022)
    • Andi BUDIMANSYAH (Feb 2021 – Feb 2023)
    • Arthur CHANG (Feb 2022 – Apr 2023)
    • Ching CHIAO (Feb 2013 – Feb 2016)
    • Joel E. DISINI (Jun 2008 – Feb 2020) (Feb 2021 – Nov 2023)
    • Atsushi ENDO (Sep 2006 – Jun 2020)
    • Lianna GALSTYAN (Feb 2019 – Nov 2020)
    • Stafford L.K. GUEST (Feb 2010 – Feb 2016)
    • Indra K. HARTONO (Mar 2003 – Sep 2006)
    • Hirofumi HOTTA (Mar 2003 – Sep 2006)
    • Maureen HILYARD (Feb 2016 – Feb 2022) (Feb 2023 – Nov 2023) (Nov 2023 to Present, via By-Election)
    • Murad IBRAGIMOV (Feb 2022 – Apr 2023)
    • Yong Wan JU (Feb 2018 – May 2019)
    • Prof. Kanchana KANCHANASUT (Feb 2016 – Feb 2018)
    • Dr. LAI Fei Pei (Sep 2006 – Jun 2008)
    • Xiaodong LEE (Feb 2011 – Feb 2019)
    • LI Guang Hao (Sep 2006 – Feb 2011)
    • LIM Choon Sai (Sep 2006 – Feb 2021)
    • Tommy MATSUMOTO (Sep 2006 – Feb 2021)
    • Alireza SALEH (Jun 2008 – May 2024)
    • J. William SEMICH (Jun 2008 – Feb 2010)
    • Dr. Siavash SHAHSHAHANI (Sep 2006 – Jun 2008)
    • Ellen STRICKLAND (Feb 2021 – Feb 2023)
    • Dr. SIR Jae-Chul (Sep 2006 – Feb 2018)
    • Richard ST. CLAIR (Mar 2003 – Jun 2008)
    • Dr. THAM Yiu Kwok (Sep 2006 – Feb 2021)
    • Leonid TODOROV (Feb 2022 – Apr 2023)
    • Dr. TSENG Shian-Shyong (Mar 2003 – Sep 2006)
    • YU Yang (Mar 2003 – Sep 2006)
    Go.Asia: Every Act Counts!

    Go.Asia: Every Act Counts!

    Go.Asia -- -- is a charitable initiative launched by DotAsia and spearheaded by Hong Kong Martial Arts Superstar Donnie Yen and his wife, Ms. Cissy Wang. The vision of Go.Asia is that “Every Act Counts”, with an aim to improve society through collective...



    Mandela Day Asia -- -- brings the Mandela Day Campaign to Asia. The Mandela Day campaign message is simple: Mr Mandela gave 67 years of his life fighting for the rights of humanity. All we are asking is that everyone gives 67 minutes of their time,...

    Sponsor Members shall be organisations in the Pan-Asia and Asia-Pacific region, as defined by ICANN’s Asia / Australia / Pacific Region (based on the ICANN Region definitions) that manage and operate any of the country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) registries in the region.


    Afghanistan Network Information Center (AFGNIC)


    .au Domain Administration Ltd (auDA)


    Bhutan Communications Authority


    China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC)


    Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Limited (HKIRC)


    Country Code Top Level Domain Indonesia (ccTLD-ID)


    National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI)


    .IR ccTLD Registry, Iran


    Japan Registry Services Co., Ltd. (JPRS)


    Telecommunication Regulator of Cambodia (TRC)


    Korea Network Information Center (KRNIC)


    Kazakhstan Network Information Center


    .MN ccTLD Registry, DataCom Co., Ltd., Mongolia


    Macau Network Information Center (MONIC)


    The IUSN Foundation


    Internet New Zealand (Incorporated)


    Papua New Guinea University of Technology


    PH Domain Foundation, Philippines


    PW Registry Corp, Palau


    Singapore Network Information Centre (SGNIC)


    THNIC Foundation


    Information Technology Center, .TJ ccTLD Manager, Tajikistan


    .TL Domain Authority


    Taiwan Network Information Center (TWNIC)


    Single integrator for the creation and support of state information systems – UZINFOCOM, .UZ ccTLD

    Co-Sponsor Members shall be regional-based Internet, Information Technology, Telecommunications, non-profit, NGO or other relevant community organizations in the Pan-Asia and Asia-Pacific region.


    Asia Pacific Computer Emergency Response Team


    Asia Pacific Next Generation


    Asia Pacific Network Information Centre


    Asia Pacific Network Operators Group


    Asia Pacific Regional At-Large Organisation


    Asia Pacific Top Level Domain Association


    Asia Pacific School on Internet Governance


    South Asian Network Operators Group

    DotAsia Register of Members directories may be unique to any given election year. Please see FAQ section pertaining to specific elections pages of interest.

    DotAsia invites all interested and relevant organisations to join as a member of the organisation to contribute to its governance and the policy development for the .Asia Registry. For more information on membership and to join the organisation please review the DotAsia Membership Briefing and Application form.
    [ doc | pdf ].

    Other DotAsia Supporters

    Other organisations that have sent letters of support for the “.Asia” TLD include:

    Other individuals that have sent letters of support for the “.Asia” TLD include:


    Letters of Intent

    Letters of Intent from Sponsor Members:

    ** Former Sponsor Member

    Letters of Intent from Co-Sponsor Members:

    ** Former Co-Sponsor Member

    DotAsia Articles of Association

    Current Version (adopted at EGM on Feb 26, 2024): [ PDF ] Archived former versions: Member adoption over email completed on Jun 26, 2009: [ PDF ] At incorporation of DotAsia Organisation on Sep 12, 2006: [ PDF ]

    Proposed Amendments to the DotAsia Articles of Association 2023

    (Last updated on Feb 20, 2024) The background We have observed recent challenges to the governance of DotAsia, AFRINIC, APNIC and other Internet community institutions from hostile entities. In the Board’s view, the time is right for DotAsia to reinforce our...

    .ASIA Anti-Abuse Policy

    View Article:

    .ASIA Privacy Policy

    View Article:

    DotAsia Board By-Election 2023

    On November 6, 2023, the DotAsia Board, having received and reviewed the Election Committee (EC) Report to the Members DotAsia Regarding the 2023 Board Elections (EC Report) on November 1, 2023 accepted the report and proceeded to implement a By-Election for the...

    DotAsia Board Elections 2024

    DotAsia Board Elections 2024 Results DotAsia Board Elections 2024 Nomination Results Notice of DotAsia Board Elections 2024 FINAL (clean version) DotAsia Board Elections Procedures FINAL (clean version) DotAsia Election Code of Conduct Drafts: DotAsia Board Elections...

    DotAsia Board Elections 2023

    On November 1, 2023, the Election Committee (EC) issued its Report to the Members DotAsia Regarding the 2023 Board Elections (EC Report).  The EC Report confirms that, the DotAsia staff, the third party election provider, the election administrator and the Election...

    Asian Films Awards: The Oscars of Asia

    Inaugurated in 2007, the Asian Film Awards (AFA) celebrates excellence in Asian cinema through the annual presentation of awards to the many diverse talents and films that make up the dynamic film...

    Go.Asia: Every Act Counts!

    Go.Asia — — is a charitable initiative launched by DotAsia and spearheaded by Hong Kong Martial Arts Superstar Donnie Yen and his wife, Ms. Cissy Wang. The vision of Go.Asia...


    Mandela Day Asia — — brings the Mandela Day Campaign to Asia. The Mandela Day campaign message is simple: Mr Mandela gave 67 years of his life fighting for the rights...

    DotAsia Members Adopt New Articles of Association

    On Feb 26, 2024 at the DotAsia Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM), held in conjunction with APRICOT 2024 immediately following the AP* Retreat, the DotAsia Members adopted a new set of Articles of...

    DotAsia Strategic Plan Development

    Since 2010, DotAsia’s strategic directive for the year has been presented annually at the DotAsia AGM, and then reported at the next AGM. DotAsia’s progress through the years, ...

    Special Advisory on Election Committee Report and Next Steps Towards a By-Election for Board Elections 2023

    This is a special advisory on the recently received Election Committee (EC) Report to the Members DotAsia Regarding the 2023 Board Elections (EC Report) and Board actions taken towards a by-election for the Board Elections 2023 in accordance with the existing Board Elections Procedures (BGC-004) and the recommendations from the Election Committee in the EC Report. First and foremost, the DotAsia Board thanks the EC (and its legal advisors) for their thorough investigation, and ...

    Special Advisory on .ASIA Charter Eligibility Requirement and IDN Variant Policies

    On Aug 1, 2023, the .ASIA registry system operated by our Backend Registry Services Provider Identity Digital (formerly Afilias) will be upgraded. This special advisory addresses two techno-policy changes to the system: 1) .ASIA Charter Eligibility Requirement; 2) .ASIA CJK (Chinese, Japanese & Korean) IDN Policies

    .Kids TLD Registrations Begin Today with Brands First

    DotKids Foundation, registry operator for the new “.kids” top-level-domain (TLD), is pleased to announce the commencement of registration for the .kids community TLD.  .Kids is the first TLD dedicated to the best interests of kids, so that parents can rest assured that their kids safety online is taken to heart. 

    Congratulations Edmon!

    Congratulations to .Asia’s CEO, Edmon Chung, for his appointment to the ICANN Board of Directors! Edmon joins a distinguished group of internationally represented community and business leaders as...

    Connecting Asia with One Domain