.Asia 的一带一路丶一域中的

.Asia 的一带一路丶一域中的

2019 年第四个月份,DotAsia 收到了中国工业和信息化部(MIIT)的好消息,.Asia 域名已获得中华人民共和国工业和信息化部(MIIT)的认证,.Asia 域名将再次在中国市场推出 。 中国是 .Asia 重要的服务市场,随着一带一路意味着互联互通,互相贸易丶互相分享,互相关爱,中华民族五千年文明史上从未如此跟世界紧密连接过,随着国际互联网增长迅速,...

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Special Advisory on Disinformation Against DotAsia

This is a special advisory issued in response to persistent and ungrounded accusations against the DotAsia Organisation along with its CEO and Board Members, along with harassment of DotAsia Organisation’s staff and professional advisers, perpetrated by certain individuals in recent months.

DotAsia Announces Organizational Governance Enhancements

The DotAsia Board is pleased to announce a series of governance enhancements to the DotAsia Organisation. This announcement of 5 foundational governance documents is the result of a year’s work at the DotAsia Board since May 2019.

.Asia Top-Level-Domain Now Licensed for Sale in China

DotAsia Organisation Ltd, operator of the  .Asia regional top-level-domain is pleased to announce that the .Asia extension has received accreditation from China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) to once again market in China.


自2014年5月13日起,新网在北京,深圳,上海等十五个城市展开了为期一个月的“赢•聚变”合作伙伴大会。DotAsia作为赞助商出席了此次活动。 CEO Edmon Chung, 锺宏安先生也在武汉场,就新顶级域名发展前瞻和 .Asia域名如何帮助您更好的在亚洲开拓市场为话题进行了演说。此次会议规模是近五年内业界最大的,也吸引了世界各地的域名注册局, 同时也有上千家新网合作伙伴到场参与。