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Digital Review of Asia Pacific — — aims to develop an online collaborative space and to facilitate a global community of researchers and writers in using social...

FRD.Asia: Jaime Oliver’s Food Revolution Day

The Food Revolution has penetrated across Asia — — including Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Israel, Kuwait, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Qatar, Saudi...

Landrush for .Asia IDN Begins Today

Around 10,000 .Asia IDNs already asked for at Close of Sunrise Download: [ PDF ] Hong Kong, August 2, 2011 – Following the successful completion of Sunrise, DotAsia today announces the opening...

DotAsia to Support Asian New gTLDs

Launch of Chinese, Japanese and Korean “.Asia” IDN Continues: Priority Sunrise Registrations will Close on July 25 2011, Open Landrush Registrations to Begin August 2, 2011 Download: [...

UGames.Asia: Visiting Universiad 2011 in Shenzhen

全港學生撐大運 — | www.撐大運.asia — 為支持深圳2011第二十六屆世界大學生夏季運動會,為國家和本地運動員打氣,以及更了解體育運動和發揚運動堅毅精神,香港青年學生動力將組織8000名中學生及大專院校學生,將於大運會期間前往深圳觀看比賽。 世界大學生運動會 (Universiad)...

.ASIA中日韓域名 隆重推出

勢將掀起亞洲域名尋金熱 Download: [ PDF ] [ DOC ] (2011年6月10日,香港) DotAsia機構正式宣佈推出 .ASIA中文(繁、簡體相通)域名。.ASIA中文(繁、簡體)域名分為四期讓不同單位註冊,分別為「日出期」(Sunrise)、「亞洲域名先鋒計劃」(Pioneer Domains Program)、「搶灘期」(Landrush)及「正式公開註冊」(Go...

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