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News and Media
Hot-or-Not Contest Winners Confirm Global Appeal for .Asia Domains

Hot-or-Not Contest Winners Confirm Global Appeal for .Asia Domains

.Asia Auction Reaching US$6 Million, Discover.Asia Displaces Sex.Asia at the Top Download: [ PDF ] For Immediate Release Hong Kong, 18 July 2008 – DotAsia Organisation announced today the successful completion of the 5 Weekly Hot or Not Domains Appraisal Contests....

First 4 Weekly Top Auction Domains Announced

Resorts.Asia, Careers.Asia, Southeast.Asia and Seo.Asia. Week 5 and Grand Prize of US$10,000 awaits its winner. Download: [ PDF ] For Immediate Release Hong Kong, 4 July 2008 – DotAsia Organisation announced today that the winning domain for Week 4 of the .Asia Hot or...

.Asia Auctions Fetches Over US$3 Million

.Asia Hot-or-Not Contest First Weekly Prize Winning Domain: resorts.asia GMA2008.Asia Attracts Millions of Hits, Drives .Asia Adoption Download: [ PDF ] For Immediate Release: Hong Kong, 16 June 2008 – DotAsia Organisation announced today total registration for .Asia...

亞洲 .Asia 網域營收亮眼 擴大科技賑災計畫

「一美元 助團圓」捐助計畫即日啟動 Relief.Asia長期支援災後重建工作 即時發佈 [2008-06-11 台北/香港訊] 亞洲域名註冊組織 DotAsia Organisation (.Asia)表示, 今年首 季 .Asia 域名總註冊量可望突破25萬個。進行中的日出期(Sunrise)與搶灘期(Landrush)域名 拍賣程序, 截至目前之結標總金額, 已超越美金兩百五十萬元。 DotAsia執行長鍾宏安表示: 「.Asia 申請者能夠公平公正公開地參與拍賣活動, 證明了以競價 形式開放頂級域名註冊,...

.Asia 日出期和搶灘期拍賣貫徹公平公正原則

DotAsia機構將全力配合執法機關打擊競拍期間不法行為 Download: [ ZH-繁 | ZH-简  ] 2008年5月15日﹐香港 - 就近日有個別人士於網上指控DotAsia及其拍賣伙伴Pool.com作出不當行為並影響到.Asia日出期及搶灘期域名的拍賣﹐DotAsia昨天發出了嚴正聲明﹐澄清該些均為不實指控。 負責管理”.Asia”...

.Asia Sunrise and Landrush Auctions Integrity Uncompromised

DotAsia Organisation Fully Prepared to Cooperate with Law Enforcement Agencies where Necessary to Tackle Illegal Behaviour during the Auctions Download: [ PDF ] Hong Kong, 15 May 2008 – In response to recent allegations against DotAsia and auction services provider...

.Asia Auctions for Landrush Applications commences

Download: [ PDF ] For Immediate Release Hong Kong, 22 April 2008 – DotAsia Organisation announces the start of its auctions for domains receiving more than one application during the Landrush period. The 45,000 auctions will be scheduled over an 8-10 week period...

Community Projects and Developments

Digital Solidarity Fund (DSF): Digital Inclusion

Digital Solidarity Fund (DSF) -- http://hk.dsf.asia -- DSF is a grants fund to support digital inclusion programs in Hong Kong. Advancement in information and communication technologies (ICT) has dramatically transformed people's lives in the last few decades,...

CIRC.Asia: Chinese Internet Research Conference

The annual Chinese Internet Research Conference -- www.circ.asia -- first convened in 2003, when China’s Internet population totaled 22.5 million and Facebook and Twitter had not even been conceived, a group of researchers came together to organize a conference to...

NetMission: Youth Participation & Power

NetMission: Youth Participation & Power

NetMission Ambassadors Program -- www.netmission.asia -- is a youth program initiated by DotAsia in 2009 aiming to nurture university students to become future Internet leaders. The NetMission program equips the ambassadors with knowledge on Internet governance and...

ISIF.Asia: Research & Development Grants Fund

The ISIF Asia Program -- www.isif.asia -- which provides small grants and awards, has a vision for “Small grants, inspiring innovation” and was developed to help advance local and regional projects aimed at introducing, improving, and applying Internet technology for...

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